Do you want a job?

hello, thank you for following my Instagram. My name is Luthfi, Iam designer from . I have a job for you. maybe you will be interested.

I have a problem, I can make logos but it’s hard to market my suit.


I have several conditions that must be met. This is how we work.

There are 3 packages of logo design project

  1. Starter Package ($50). You’ll receive up to 12 design concepts in 24 hours. 4x revisions.
  2. Medium Package ($90). You’ll receive up to 18 design concepts in 24 hours. Unlimited revisions.
  3. Advance Package ($150). You’ll receive up to 24 design concepts in 24 hours + free business card design. Unlimited revisions.

We will start working on the project after completing the upfront payment (50% of the total price). The final file received is a vector file. This file can be either .ai, .cdr, .psd, .jpg or .png. I use a PayPal business account for payment.

I want you to take care of customer relationships. In creating a logo, I have to know about logo title and subtitles, what business or organization, and the customer’s desires in the logo. Like color, shape, type etc. Don’t forget ask this to customer. If he asks for revission, please send it to me. You may use a portfolio from Instagram. But please tell me where you posted it.

It doesnt matter how much profit you take. The important thing is those condition can be fullfield.

I advise you to make a paypal business as your payment portal. After that, you can send the money to my paypal or customer can send it directly to mine. Howefer I don’t recommend it because I may cheat you.

Are you interested? Please contact me via Instagram message @design_by_luthfi

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