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“ Sang Penghibur ”


Indonesia has a lot of great musician and formed into a band. Bands like Slank, Gigi, Kahitna, Sheila on 7, Dewa 19, etc. They still keep their existence by releasing new album almost every year and succeed to make another hits even there’re many newcomers such as Nidji, Samson, Peterpan, Ungu, or even Kangen band.


One of the bands, which still kept their existence, is Padi. This year, Padi has just released their latest album called “Tak Hanya Diam”. Their first single was “Sang Penghibur”. The video clip of this song was taken in London. The band keeps their original members. Fadli as the lead vocal, Piyu and Ari as the guitarist, Rindra as the bassist, and Yoyo as the drummer. The album contains 10 songs that most them could inspire us about our lives.


“Sang Penghibur” told us about someone who tried to encourage everyone who feels tired or sad with their lives. Sometimes we have to ignore about what people said or think about us. It doesn’t matter, even sometimes it’s very hard to deal with it. There’s stars in the sky which always shines in the dark night. They will bring amusement to all who felt tired or sad with their lives. There’s a time where we have to stop and take a breath before we start running again and find our happiness.


Piyu as the speaker of Padi said that this new album was more mature than their albums before. They’re not only talking love, but also talking about life and the nature. Even may be their music are not easy listening and rise their idealism, but their character is so strong that their fans called “sobat padi” said that Padi is still one of the best bands in Indonesia.


 “Kamulah Satu-Satunya”



Now days, Indonesian movie has started to produced a lot of good movie with many kinds of genre, such as drama, comedy, romantic, horror or even thriller. It’s spoiled all the movie lovers start to enjoy local movie again after long sleep couple years ago. There’re lots of new faces in our cinema, fresh one to bring the new era of Indonesian movie.


One of the movies that nominated in Indonesian Movie Award called “Piala Citra” was “Kamulah Satu-Satunya”. It was a movie starred by talented actress Nirina Zubir as Indah. The genre of this movie is comedy drama. Indah is a high school student who really admire Indonesian famous band Dewa 19. She lives in a small village called Bayan near Ratu Harbour. Her ambition was to meet her idol, that she would do anything to make her dream comes true. Until one day, through her friend she got a ticket to watch Dewa 19’s concert in Jakarta. Unfortunately, her father who played by Didi Petet didn’t allow her to go. So, Indah finally go to Jakarta without her father’s permission. Then she found a lot of trouble on her way to the concert.


The story was so simple, but give a strong message that if we want to get something, sometimes we have to fight for it. The soundtrack of the movie was “Mati aku mati” played by Dewa 19 band. In this movie, Nirina played so well and able to bring the character of Indah nicely even some people said that Nirina is little bit too old to play as a high school student. However, the simplicity of the story makes this movie worth to watch.


 “ So Would You Let Me Be … “



There’re not too many band has a female vocalist. We can only named some band such as Cokelat, Utopia or SHE. Sometimes their present gives new color in our Indonesia music industry. For example, SHE band which all the members are females. Their ability to play music instruments is worth to take the credit.


But the band with female vocalist who stole our attention lately was D’Cinnamon. D’ Cinnamon is a newcomer in Indonesian music industry. Their first hit was “selamanya cinta” and become the original soundtrack of “Cintapuccino” a movie starred by Nadia Saphira. “Selamanya Cinta was an old song which brought and popularized by Yana Yulio. It’s makes some music expert say that D”Cinnamon gets a easy way to get the popularity from this song.


But, D’Cinnamon proved to their fans that they are a great band. There’s been a song taken from D’Cinnamon album, which some people said it would be the next hit of their album. The title of the song is “ So Would You Let Me Be … “. The lyrics of this song tell us about a girl who loves her boyfriend very much. Until one day she feels that it’s going to very hard to stay with him because she has to abandon her family and be someone different. So, she begged to her boyfriend to let her go and be herself. Even the girl knows that her boyfriend is really means to her.


The album contains 11 songs and most of the songs in the D’Cinnammon’s new album are so easy listening. Some music experts still predict that soon D’Cinnamon will become a great band. So, if you want to listen the song above you have to buy the CD or Cassette because they haven’t make the video clips yet. Don’t worry you won’t regret it!


Note : Lebih bagus lagi klo paragraph 2 di tambahi nama-nama anggota bandnya. Soale aku gak apal je! ^.^ v

We’ve get along together

I’ve should have know

You’re the best that I can have

Until now it’s hard for me to face it

Why didn’t meet each other soon

I love them all behind you… only for you …

Would you believe it?

I put my trust on you

But deep inside I realize

That I can’t … No I can’t …

They were all my brothers

My crying happiness

So would you let me be myself?

Reach all my dreams and hopes

I know you know me better

I know you love me … you do …

Your eyes are more than anything

That’s really means to me

Darling would you now

Would you set me free?




Kita telah bersama

Aku seharusnya sudah tahu

Kamulah yang terbaik yang bisa aku cintai

Hingga kini sangat berat tuk menghadapinya

Mengapa tak segera saja saling bertemu?

Aku mencintai mereka dibelakangmu… hanya untukmu…

Bersediakah dirimu mempercayainya?

Aku menaruh kepercayaan padamu

Tapi jauh di dalam lubuk hatiku  aku menyadari

Bahwa aku tak bisa… tak akan bisa…

Mereka semua adalah saudaraku

Tangis kebahagiaanku

Jadi, maukah kau biarkan aku jadi diriku sendiri

Menggapai semua mimpi dan harapanku

Aku tahu, kau mengenalku lebih baik

Aku tahu, kau mencintaiku…

Matamu adalah lebih dari segalanya

Itu sungguh benar-benar berarti untukku

Sayang, maukah kamu sekarang

Maukah kamu biarkan aku bebas…

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