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Causative verbs adalah kata kerja tertentu dalam bahasa Inggris yang berfungsi untuk menyuruh orang lain melakukan suatu pekerjaan yang tidak dapat dilakukan oleh subyek.



è Digunakan dalam dua bentuk , yaitu pasif dan aktif

Struktur Kalimat :

      S + has/have/had + object + V-1 / V-3

V-1 = jika obyeknya manusia

V-3 = jika obyeknya bukan manusia

Ex :

  • The teachers have Lisda do her homework

S           have     O   V-1

  • Father has his car washed

S    has      O        V-3

Untuk soal yang brsifat analisis, maka suatu pengertian sangat diperlukan, contohnya adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. S + has/have/had + pronoun object manusia + V-1

Artinya/means :

S + ask/asked + pronoun object manusia + to + V-1

Ex :

  • They have their student bring the book

means :

  • They ask their student to bring the book
  1. S + has/have/had + object bukan manusia + V-3

Artinya/means :

S + ask/asked + someone/body + to V-1 + object

Ex :

  • Tuti has her brother’s book returned

means :

  • Tuti ask someone/body to return her brother’s book



  • Pada dasarnya mempunyai struktur kalimat yang sama dengan causative have, tetapi ada penambahan to sebelum V-1 dalam causative get

Struktur Kalimat :

  1. S + get/got + pronoun object manusia + to + V-1

Artinya / means :

S + as/asked + pronoun object manusia + to + V-1

Ex :

  • Mother gets her daughter to study dilligently

means :

  • Mother asks her daughter to study dilligently
  1. S + get/got + pronoun object bukan manusia + V-3

Artinya / means :

S + ask/asked + someone/somebody + to + V-1 + O

Ex :

  • Sister got her wall painted

means :

  • Sister asked someone/body to paint her wall





  1. The clothes are dirty; we _____ at the dry cleaner’s.
  1. must have them washed
  2. must have washed them
  3. have washed them
  4. are washing them
  5. washing them


  1. My servant cleans my house everyday. This means _____
  2. I clean my servant’s house everyday
  3. I have my house cleaned
  4. I get my house cleaning
  5. I have my servant cleaned my house
  6. I order my servant to cleaning my house


  1. I don’t know how to draw this map. I’d rather _____
  1. do it
  2. have to do it
  3. have it done
  4. it has been done
  5. have done it


  1. Filly, Tidy your room! Mother said. We can also say _____
  1. Mother asked Filly to tidy the room
  2. Filly tidy the room for mother
  3. Mother had the room tidied
  4. Mother got Filly tidy the room
  5. Filly got mother tidy the room


  1. We are going on a long trip, so we must _____
  1. have checked the baggage
  2. have had the baggage checked
  3. to have the baggage checked
  4. have the baggage checked
  5. had the baggage checked


  1. Ferry’s hair is too long, he has his hair _____
  1. to cut
  2. cut
  3. cutted
  4. cutting
  5. to cutting


  1. My brother has no time to repair our radio, so we will have it _____
  1. repair
  2. repairs
  3. repaired
  4. repairing
  5. to repair



  1. I have the home work _____
  1. do
  2. did
  3. done
  4. does
  5. doing


  1. Yenni asked Dian to drive her to supermarket.

We can also say _____ to supermarket.

  1. Yenni drove Dian
  2. Yenni had Dian drive her
  3. Yenni has to drive Dian
  4. Dian had driven her
  5. Yenni had to drive Dian


  1. Sonya will get the bicycle bought. This sentence means _____
  1. Sonya will ask her father to buy her bicycle
  2. Sonya’s father will ask her if she wants to buy the bicycle
  3. Sonya’s father will buy her the bicycle
  4. Sonya doesn’t want to have the bicycle
  5. Sonya’s father would buy her the bicycle if she worked hard.


  1. Richard _____ his tie made by Versace
  1. have
  2. has
  3. had
  4. having
  5. to be had


  1. Where is your motorcycles

I _____

  1. have it servicing
  2. have it serviced
  3. let it service
  4. have been serviced it
  5. am having service it


  1. The radio is broken, you must have it repaired. It means _____
  1. you have repaired the radio
  2. a technician has repaired the radio
  3. someone has repaired the radio
  4. you have to find the technician to repair the radio
  5. I must repair the radio by myself


  1. My mother will be coming here on Sunday. I must get the house _____
  1. clean
  2. cleaned
  3. cleaning
  4. cleans
  5. to cleans
  1. Your hair is too long. You must have it _____
  1. short
  2. shortness
  3. shorts
  4. to short
  5. shortened


  1. The English teacher had us _____ composition every week
  1. to write
  2. writing
  3. written
  4. writing
  5. write
  1. What a lovely birthday cake you’re taking?

Did you make it yourself?

No, I _____

  1. to be made
  2. had it made
  3. had to made it
  4. had made it
  5. having made it


  1. His watch is broken. He had it _____
  1. repaired
  2. be repaired
  3. repair
  4. to be repaired
  5. was repaired


  1. The dishes are dirty, mother will have it cleaned. It means _____
  1. she’ll clean it
  2. she’ll have cleaned it
  3. she’ll get to clean it
  4. she’ll get someone to clean it
  5. she’ll have to clean it


  1. Rinda can’t move the box alone. She’ll ask someone to help her move the box. We can say _____
  1. she’ll move the box alone
  2. she need someone to help her move the box
  3. someone will ask her to move the box
  4. she’ll have to move the box alone
  5. she ‘ll have the box moved


  1. The old tree is dangerous. I’ll have it cut tomorrow. It means _____
  1. I will cut the tree myself
  2. I will have cut the tree tomorrow
  3. I will find someone to cut the tree tomorrow
  4. Someone will tell me that the tree is dangerous
  5. Someone will ask me to cut the tree.


  1. Because she is ill, she wants _____ into her room
  1. to have breakfast brought
  2. to have brought her breakfast


  1. she brings her breakfast
  2. she has brought her breakfast
  3. having her breakfast brought


  1. She has got her brother’s computer _____
  1. repair
  2. repairs
  3. repaired
  4. to repair
  5. repairing


  1. Which of the following sentence has causative has using of “get”
  2. we get painted our house brown
  3. we got our house painted brown
  4. we get paint our house brown
  5. we get to paint our house brown
  6. our house has been painted brown


  1. I don’t know how to arrange these puzzle; I’d rather _____
  1. do it
  2. have to do it
  3. have it done
  4. it has been done
  5. have done it


  1. These dresses are dirty. My mother will have them washed. It means _____
  1. my mother herself will wash them
  2. my mother will have washed them
  3. my mother will get someone to wash them
  4. someone will get my mother to wash them
  5. my mother will have to wash them


  1. Rahman had his secretary get reservation for his quest

Means _____

  1. Mr. Rahman was asked by his secretary to get reservation
  2. The secretary had to get reservation for Mr. Rahman
  3. Mr. Rahman with his secretary to get reservation
  4. The secretary had to get reservation for Mr. Rahman
  5. Mr. Rahman got reservation for Mr. Rahman


  1. Teacher : Herwinda, you are not

allowed to enter the class before you cut your hair

Herwinda : I’m sorry sir, I’ll have it cut  tomorrow.

The underlined word sentence means _____

  1. Herwinda will cut her hair
  2. Herwinda cut her hair
  3. Herwinda cut her hair herself
  4. Herwinda will cut someone’s hair
  5. Herwinda will ask someone to cut her hair


  1. Do you make your own dresses?

Yes, but sometimes I _____

  1. have them made
  2. have made for them
  3. have to make them
  4. make them
  5. have made them


  1. Aren’t you going to make hotel reservation?

No, we’ll have the travel agent _____

  1. to do it
  2. in doing it
  3. doing it
  4. do it
  5. does it


  1. Being ill, my brother had his breakfast brought to his room.

This means; as my mother was ill, _____ his breakfast to his room.

  1. She was asked to bring
  2. She had brought
  3. She wanted to bring
  4. She had to bring
  5. She asked somebody to bring


  1. The fact that he was put into prison for something that he had not done made his wife _____
  1. cry
  2. to be crying
  3. cried
  4. to cry
  5. crying


  1. She asked the servant to clean the kitchen
  2. She asked the kitchen cleaning
  3. She asked to clean the kitchen
  4. She asked the servant cleaned the kitchen
  5. She got the servant to clean the kitchen
  6. She got asked to clean the kitchen


  1. Mira had her car repaired. It means _____
  1. Mira had repaired her car
  2. Mira asked a man to repair her car
  3. A man told Mira to repair her car
  4. A man asked Mira to repair her car
  5. Mira herself repaired her car


  1. The farmer had his field ploughed. Means _____
  1. The farmer ploughed his field himself
  2. The farmer wanted to plough his field
  3. The farmer let other plough his field
  4. The farmer has finished ploughing his field
  5. The farmer had to plough his field


  1. We have our neighbour check our house whenever we go on vacation.

This means : That everytime we go on vacation _____

  1. We first check the house with our neighbour
  2. We don’t let our neighbour check our house
  3. Our neighbour comes to check our house
  4. We have checked our neighbour’s house
  5. We ask someone to check our neighbour’s house


  1. Is your car new?

No, I _____ at my brother’s garage

  1. had only painted it
  2. only had it painted
  3. had to pant it only
  4. only it had painted
  5. had been asked to paint it


  1. My mother has all her dresses made because _____
  1. she can not sew at all
  2. she doesn’t have a good dressmaker
  3. she like sewing
  4. she is a dressmaker
  5. she can not affort to pay a dressmaker


  1. We are going on a long trip, so we must _____
  1. have checked the car
  2. have had the car checked
  3. have had the car checked
  4. to have the car checked
  5. had the car checked


  1. Annisa doesn’t know how to do the homework. She’d rather _____
  1. do it
  2. have to do it
  3. have it done
  4. it has been done
  5. have done it


Download materi bahasa inggris CAUSATIVE VERB doc word

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