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English For Senior High School

 Subject : Derivation

Derivation adalah pembentukan kata jadian dengan menambahkan awalan (prefixes) atau akhiran (suffixes) pada suatu jenis kata tertentu sehingga menjadi jenis kata yang lain.




    1. Verb + suffix
Verb Suffix


Develop -ment Development
Elect -ion Election
Inform -ation Information
Jog -ing Jogging
Allow -ance Allowance
Arrive -al Arrival
Depart -ure Departure
Marry -age Marriage
Attend -ant Attendant


    1. Adjective + suffix
Adjective Suffix Noun
Happy -ness Happiness
Similar -ity Similarity
Fluent -cy Fluency
Different -nce Difference
Abundant -ance Abundance
Free -dom Freedom


    1. Verb/Noun + suffix
Verb/Noun Suffix Noun
Sing -er Singer
Farm -er Farmer
Football -er Footballer
Operate -or Operator
Economy -ist Economist
Art -ist Artist
Java -nese Javanese
Child -hood Childhood
Direct -or Director
Fellow -ship Fellowship




    1. Noun/Verb + suffix
Noun/Verb Suffix Adjective
Danger -ous Dangerous
Music -al Musical
Cloud -y Cloudy
Attract -ive Attractive
Comfort -able Comfortable
Comprehension -ible Comprehensible
History -ic Historic
Child -ish Childish
Beauty -ful Beautiful
Influence -ial Influential
Family -ar Familiar
Element -ary Elementary
Wood -en Wooden
Character -istic Characteristic


    1. –ful >< -less
-full -less
Careful Careless
Helpful Helpless
Painful Painless
Thoughtful Thoughtless
Harmful Harmless
Merciful Merciless




Prefix/Suffix Verb
En- Enlarge
Be- Befriend
-ize/-ise Organize
-ed Directed
-fy Beautify
-en Deepen
-ate Activate




Prefix/Suffix Adverb
-ly Diligently
-ward Backward
a- Along
-ever Whenever
-ily Happily
-place Some place
-where Somewhere
-wise Lengthwise




Contoh – 1 :


Mr. Cooper manages (v) his company very successfully. Mr. Cooper is a company manager (n). the management (n) of his company is very good. Mr. Cooper is also managing (adj) editor of the BOSS magazine. The city of Ambon has been manageable (adj) since the Indonesian Army took control of the situation.


Contoh – 2 :


Kuta beach is very beautiful (adj). Its beauty (n) is famous all over the world. Ms. Ellena is a famous beautician (n) in the city. Jennifer Lopez sing beautifully (adv) tonight. To commemorate the independence day, the villagers beautify (v) their village with a lot of decoration.


Contoh – 3 :


Raam Punjabi is a film producer (n). He produces (v) a lot of films. Now he is producing (v) a new film entitled “Cinta”. He has tried to increase his production (n). New products (n) are still needed to meet the demand.


Latihan Soal


Pilih satu jawaban yang paling tepat & lihat teori diatas untuk menjawabnya!



  1. The company’s new product was _____ advertised on TV
    1. nation
    2. national
    3. nationally
    4. nationalized
    5. nationalization
  2. Sailing is an _____ I enjoy very much
    1. activist
    2. activity
    3. activation
    4. activate
    5. actively
  3. All Indonesian people are _____ for the success of General Election.
    1. responsive
    2. responsibly
    3. responsibility
    4. responsible
    5. response
  4. the hall has been _____ decorated for the opening ceremony.
    1. beautiful
    2. beauty
    3. beautifully
    4. beautify
    5. beautified
  5. My uncle _____ advised me to take an English course
    1. strength
    2. strong
    3. strengthening
    4. strongly
    5. strengthened
  6. A person who has good _____ can help his people make fast progress.
    1. led
    2. lead
    3. leader
    4. leading
    5. leadership
  7. If you want to be a good scientist, you ought to study your filed _____
    1. deep
    2. depth
    3. deepen
    4. deeply
    5. deepened
  8. Religion teaches _____ among all men regardless of their nationalities
    1. fatherhood
    2. priesthood
    3. likelihood
    4. brotherhood
    5. neighborhood
  9. The famous designer is going to show his new _____ at the end of this month.
    1. creative
    2. creator
    3. creativity
    4. creations
    5. creates
  10. This room has been _____ furnished for the new branch office of TOYOTA.
    1. beautiful
    2. beauty
    3. beautifully
    4. beautify
    5. beautified
  1. Adi and Roy are brothers, but they look very _____
    1. differ
    2. differential
    3. difference
    4. differently
    5. different
  1. If you want to _____ in running your business, you must have the full support of your employees.
    1. succeed
    2. successful
    3. success
    4. successfully
    5. succeeded
  2. Indonesian Batik is _____ recognized
    1. international
    2. internationalized
    3. internationalization
    4. internationally
    5. internationalizing
  3. The doctor gained immediate _____ for his great discovery
    1. recognition
    2. recognize
    3. recognizing
    4. recognizable
    5. recognized
  4. The hall has been _____ decorated for the opening ceremony
    1. beautiful
    2. beauty
    3. beautifully
    4. beautify
    5. beautified
  5. Dody has very _____ mind; he will make a good scientist
    1. analyze
    2. analyst
    3. analytical
    4. analysis
    5. analytically
  6. Careless dumping of _____ waste into the Ciliwung river has caused serious water pollution.
    1. industry
    2. industrialist
    3. industrial
    4. industrialized
    5. industrialize
  7. ‘Don’t you think the bus driver is speeding?’

‘Yes, I’m afraid he _____ the lives of the passengers’

    1. endangered
    2. will endanger
    3. would have endangered
    4. endangers
    5. would endangers

Download materi dan soal bahasa inggris Derivation

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