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Direct – Indirect Speech

  1. Jim said, “I am Sleepy,”                                           â
  2. Sally said, “ I don’t like chocolate.”                           â
  3. Mary said, “I am planning to take a trip.”                   â
  4. Tom said, “I have already eaten lunch.”                     â
  5. Kate said, “I called my doctor yesterday.”                 â
  6. Mr. Rice, “ I’m going to go to Chicago next week.”    â
  7. Eric said, “I will come to the meeting tomorrow.”       â
  8. Jean said, “I can’t afford to buy a new car.”              â
  9. Jessica said, “ I may go to the library.”                     â
  10. Ted said, “I have to finish my work.”                         â
  11. Ms. Young said, “I must talk to Professor Reed.”      â
  12. Alice said, “I should visit my aunt and uncle.”            â


  1. Where is your apartment?                            â
  2. Is your apartment far from here?                  â
  3. What do you need?                                     â
  4. Do you need a pen?                                    â
  5. When does the semester end?                     â
  6. Does the semester end in December?          â
  7. Why is Andy absent?                                   â
  8. Is Ira absent?                                              â
  9. How often do you go downtown?                 â
  10. Do you go downtown every week?               â


  1. Bob said, “Where do you live?”

Bob asked me _____________________________________________

  1. He said, “Do you live in the dorm?”

He asked me ______________________________________________

  1. I said, “I have my own apartment.”

I told him _________________________________________________

  1. He said, “I’m looking for a new apartment.”

He said __________________________________________________

  1. He said, “I don’t like living in he dorm.”

He told me _______________________________________________

  1. I said, “Do you want to move in with me?”

I asked him _______________________________________________

  1. He said, “Where is your apartment?”

He asked me ______________________________________________

  1. I said, “ I live on Seventh Avenue.”

I told him _________________________________________________

  1. He said, “I can’t move until the end of the semester.”

He said __________________________________________________

  1. He said, “I will cancel my dorm contract at the end of the semester.”

He told me _______________________________________________

  1. He said, “Is that okay?”

He asked me _____________________________________________

  1. I said, I am looking forward to having you as a roommate.”

I told him _________________________________________________



  1. Eric asked me if I had ever gone skydiving

Eric said, ___________________________________________________________________

  1. Chris wanted to know if I would be at the meeting

Chris said, __________________________________________________________________

  1. Kate wondered whether I was going to quit my job

Kate said, __________________________________________________________________

  1. Anna asked her friend where his car was

Anna said, __________________________________________________________________

  1. Brian asked me what I had done after class yesterday

Brian said, __________________________________________________________________

  1. Luigi asked me if I knew Italian

Luigi asked, ________________________________________________________________

  1. Debra wanted to know if I could guess what she had in her pocket

Debra asked, _______________________________________________________________

  1. My boss wanted to know why I wasn’t working at my desk and why I was wasting the time

My boss angrily asked me, _____________________________________________________

Download soal bahasa inggris Direct – Indirect Speech

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