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Practice makes perfect!


  1. Problem : Future Simple Tense

   S + will + V1

   S + to be + going to + V1


  • Rifaldi: I ………. the student exchange programme next year.

Rabbani: That’s a good idea.

  1. join D. have joined
  2. joined E. have been joining
  3. will join

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.27)


  1. Problem : Future Perfect Tense

   S + will have + V3


  • Ridwan : I’m going to Hide Park to hear the people making speeches.

David  : You’ll be late. By the time you get there, they ……….

their speeches.

  1. finish D. have finished
  2. will finish E. will have finished
  3. are finishing

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.30)


  • Ridwan : When are the children going to see the rice field?

Wily   : In June, after the harvest time.

Ridwan : Are they? So, by the time they get there, the farmers

………. all the crops.

  1. harvest D. had harvested
  2. harvested E.  will have harvested
  3. has harvested

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.27)


  • Bronto leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at 9 a.m.

By 11 a.m. he ………. there.

  1. arrive D. will arrive
  2. arrived E. will have arrived
  3. was arriving

   (UAN Th pelajaran 1999/2000 soal no.24)

  • Tati : May I borrow your new novel?

Lina : Yes, but next Monday. I ………. reading it by then.

  1. would finish D. will be finishing
  2. am finishing E. will have finished
  3. have finished

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.31)


  • Atik : When will your sister finish her study?

Mirna   : I hope she ………. by July next year.

  1. will have graduated D. is going to graduate
  2. has graduated E. intends to graduate
  3. will graduated

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2003/2004 soal no.46)


  • X : Can I have your report on the last week’s study tour to Lampung?

Y : I’m still working on it. But I ………. it by the time you’re

back from the meeting.

  1. am going to finish D. am finishing
  2. will have finished E.  will finish
  3. have finished


  1. Problem : Passive Form

   to be + V3


  • Rega : Can I borrow your car?

Rafli   : I’m sorry, it ……….

  1. repairs D. is to repair
  2. repaired E. is being repaired
  3. is repairing

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.28)


  • Dika : Can I borrow your laptop?

Ditya : Certainly, but what’s wrong with yours?

Dika  : It ………. now.

  1. is being repaired D. has repaired
  2. repaired E. is going to repair
  3. is repairing

   (UAN Th pelajaran 1999/2000 soal no.47)

  • Rudi : Why are you so late today?

Tino : Sorry, Rud. My car ……….

Rudi : So you came here on foot?

Tino : Yes, I did.

  1. is repairing D. is being repaired
  2. has just repaired E. will have been repaired
  3. will be repairing

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.37)


  1. Problem : If Conditional

   If + S + V2, S + would + V1


  • Rieka : What would you give me if you’re sent abroad?

Reza  : If I was sent abroad, I ………. a dictionary for you.

  1. bought D. will have bought
  2. will buy E. would have bought
  3. would buy

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.32)


  1. Problem : Causative Have

   S + have/has/had + O (orang) + V1

   S + have/has/had + O (benda) + V3


  • Any : The dress really fits you.

Did you make it by yourself?

Dita  : No, I ……….

  1. have made it D. have to make it
  2. had made it E. had to make it
  3. had it made

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.36)

  1. Problem : Past Continuous Tense

   S + was/were + Ving


  • The librarian suddenly heard a noise.

Librarian : What was that noise?

Student   : I dropped some books while I ………. they to the


  1. carry D. am carrying
  2. carried E. have carried
  3. was carrying

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.21)


  • Nindy : When did you get this cassette?

Lia   : Yesterday. When I ………. home, a boy asked me to

give it to you.

  1. walk D. was walking
  2. walked E. has been walking
  3. walking

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.23)


  • Nukmi : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last


Rendra : She ………. in the kitchen.

  1. cooks D. has been cooking
  2. is cooking E.  was cooking
  3. has cooked

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2003/2004 soal no.40)


  1. Problem : Expressing


q  Teacher : Why do you throw the rubbish in the class?

           You must not do that.

Keep it clean!

Anton   : All right Sir.

The underlined word express ……..

  1. Pride             D. Sympathy
  2. Request                 E. Prohibition
  3. Apology

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.22)


  • Lisa : What about going to a seafood restaurant, Dad?

Dad  : ……..

What will daddy say to show that he doesn’t like seafood?

  1. I’m afraid I like fish
  2. I can’t stand eating seafood
  3. I am really fond of eating fish
  4. I am sure I’ll enjoy it very much
  5. It’s menu doesn’t offer us many kinds of seafood

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.33)


  • Donny : What about your English test result?

Tania : …….. with it. I only got 5.

  1. I am dissatisfied       D. I am greatfull
  2. I am pleased            E. I am not annoyed
  3. I feel satisfied

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2001/2002 soal no.34)


  • Policeman : Your truck causes too much pollution.

Driver    : Oh,….. officer

Policeman : Please, consult a mechanic about it.

Driver    : Yes, I will.

  1. Why not                 D. Congratulation
  2. I’m sorry               E. Don’t mention it
  3. How come

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.23)


  • X : What do you think of government liquidating several banks


Y : I’m one of the costumers of the liquidated banks, so …..

  1. I’m keen on it          D. I’m interested in it
  2. I’m aware of it         E. I’m unhappy about it
  3. I’m sure about it

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.31)

  • Arry : We have involved ourselves in this research for many days.

Do you think it will be successful?

Rino : …….. But I hope so.

  1. Certainly               D. There is no doubt
  2. I am certain            E. I can’t say that for sure
  3. I am convinced

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.33)


  • Andi : I think the government should give more attention to small

scale industries

Bobi : I think so, because this group offers more job


The underlined sentence means Bobi …..

  1. Likes it Dislikes it
  2. Denies it Agree with it
  3. Object it

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2000/2001 soal no.34)


  • X : Have you visited Bob?

He got an accident last week.

Y : Oh, poor Bob. I hope he’ll be better soon.

The underlined sentence express …..

  1. Sadness                 D. Expectation
  2. Pleasure                E. Satisfaction
  3. Sympathy

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.29)


  • X : Jane didn’t pass her exam.

Y : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

From the underlined word we know that the second speaker express her …..

  1. Disappointment          D. Apology
  2. Sympathy                E. Anger
  3. Displeasure

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.30)


  • Aunti : Have you heard that you have been promoted to higher


Weny  : Oh,….. Thank God.

  1. it’s a nuisance I’m sorry to hear that
  2. it is terrible it’s really wonderful
  3. I haven’t heard about it

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.41)


  • Dina : I will ask Fito to repair my computer

Susi : ….. to do it. He knows nothing about computer.

  1. He is the right person D. It’s necessary for him
  2. Give a change to him    E. It’s impossible for him
  3. You can ask him

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.42)


  • X : Tom, are you sure that we are going to have a math test next


Y : ….. We’ve finished lesson 5, haven’t we?

  1. I hope so               D. It’s out of the question
  2. I agree with that             E. I am 100 percent certain about it
  3. I am sorry to hear that

   (UAN Th pelajaran 2002/2003 soal no.43)

Download soal bahasa inggris Practice makes perfect doc word

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