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Text 1


The beaver’s comical-looking flat tail, which is there quarters, of an inch thick, six or seven inches wide, and perhaps a foot long, is unique in the animal world. In the water, it serves as rudder for swimming and on land it props the beaver upright while the animal cutting trees. It also serves as radiator through which the uses the broad tail for early warning system by slapping it against the water surface, making a resounding whack that can be heard half a mile a way.


  1. What is the purpose of this passage?
    1. to describe what the beaver’s tail looks like to the reader
    2. to inform the reader about the uses of a beaver’s tail
    3. to give the reader a lesson in nature studies
    4. to teach the reader how to use a beaver’s tail
    5. to inform the reader about beaver


  1. It can be inferred from the passage that the beaver …
    1. doesn’t live on land
    2. is a funny animal
    3. needs trees for its nest
    4. has thick fur
    5. needs a radiator


Text 2


Just a few years ago, women like Dr. Al-Awadhi had to chose between a higher education and having a family. Naturally this was a very difficult choice. But now, many young men in countries like Kuwait want to marry educated women, and it is so disadvantage to a woman to be educated. Her marriage prospects may, in fact, be improved. However, she still may not be able to have a career after her marriage, particularly after children are born. This custom may change too before long as more and more educated women marry and have families. Women may demand to have careers. Also developing countries may want to encourage all educated people, men and women, to contribute to the workforce. These countries may regard educated women as a rich natural resource.


  1. The topic of the text is …
    1. how to improve marriage prospects
    2. traditional and modern customs in Kuwait
    3. a difficult choice in a woman’s life
    4. the changing role of a woman in developing countries
    5. the marriage life of educated woman


  1. We may conclude that …
    1. educated career women are an asset to the country
    2. having children is more important than having a career
    3. there are disadvantages for women to work outside the house
    4. highly educated women ate a threat to men
    5. a career women usually has unhappy marriage


Text 3


These popular markets are held every Thursday from 5 p.m to 10 p.m April to October, and also on Sunday from 4 p.m to 9 p.m June to September. There are lots of stalls selling a multicultural mix of great cuisine, craft, produce and other items. There are also dance performances and musical entertainment. The parking area is choked with cars and it is amazing to see people flooding into the market area. The place is certainly a gathering point for both Darwinians and visitors. Some families even bring chairs and they enjoy food while watching the sunset. There is also a kind of small farm where children can play with farm animals like chickens, rabbits, sheep, dogs and ducks. It is a really wonderful place to spend the evening.


  1. What does the text mainly talk about?
    1. a multicultural mix in Darwin
    2. beach sunset markets in Darwin
    3. a gathering point for Darwinians
    4. popular markets in Darwin
    5. a wonderful place to spend the evening


  1. The main idea of the paragraph is that …
    1. The popular markets are visited by people with different purposes
    2. The popular markets are only visited by Darwinians
    3. People visit the popular markets just for watching the sunset
    4. The popular markets open from morning to evening
    5. The Darwinians go to the popular markets for gathering


  1. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
    1. Musical entertainment is also held in the popular markets
    2. The Darwinian go to the markets to sells their products
    3. There are farms animals to play with
    4. A lot of stalls are selling many kind of products
    5. We can see dance performances
  2. It is a really wonderful place to spend the evening.

The underlined word means …

  1. attractive
  2. boring
  3. pleasant
  4. frightening
  5. dull


  1. The following are things you can find in the popular markets, except
    1. playground
    2. restaurants
    3. entertainment
    4. farm animals
    5. lots of stalls


Text 4


Almost half of the earth’s population lives in tropical forest environment, which cover an estimated 2000 million hectares, mostly in the sloping world. The management of these forest matter of great 10_____ for the countries in which they are 11_____ for not only do they provide timber for lumber and paper but also will their unique diversity of plants life serve as a renewable source of food medicines and fuel 12_____ they are wisely harvest. Forest also helps to regulate the quality and flow of water, an 13_____ factor development. They are the home farmers and hunters, and yield many 14_____, which are use; both by the local people and needed by city dwellers.


  1. attraction
  2. intention
  3. reaction
  4. initiative
  5. importance


  1. situation
  2. removed
  3. placed
  4. laid
  5. discovered


  1. as
  2. for
  3. if
  4. so
  5. or


  1. enormous
  2. efficient
  3. entire
  4. external
  5. essential


  1. producers
  2. product
  3. productively
  4. productivity
  5. productive


Text 5


Scientist and doctors say that about 34 million Americans are too fat. Why is this? One cause is the kind of food American eat. Many Americans like ‘fast food’. These food (such as hamburgers and ice cream) often have fattening thing in them. Another cause is the way Americans eat. They often eat little snacks between regular meals. These extra foods add extra fat on the body. A third cause is not enough exercise. Americans like driving everywhere, instead walking. They often have machines to do a lot of the work. Some Americans are also too heavy because of health problems. But for most of those 34 million Americans, the problem is the American lifestyle.


  1. The text tells us about …
    1. What Americans eat
    2. American fast food
    3. Health problems in America
    4. The Americans life style
    5. Why many Americans are too fat


  1. From the text we may conclude that …
    1. High-tech machines are an advantage to the health of Americans
    2. Snacks are included in the regular meals of Americans
    3. Sixty-six million Americans do not consume fast food
    4. Eating little snacks is the cause of major health problems
    5. Many Americans are fat because of the way they live


Text 6


Once upon the time, a man named Batara Guru created a beautiful girl. Her name was Retno Dumilah. Batara Guru was attracted to her. She informed him that he must meet three conditions. Food with everlasting taste, a shirt that can’t be ruined, and a gamelan a traditional Javanese instrument that can play by itself.

She would be married to him if he fulfilled all of these conditions. If not, she’d rather die. So, Batara guru sent a messenger to earth o find all of these conditions. On the way to earth, the messenger fell in love with Dewi Sri, Batara Wisnu’s wife. The messenger always followed her. She became mad, so the messenger was cursed by Dewi Sri.

Batara Guru continued to wait for the messenger. After a long time, he forgot about the conditions needed to marry Retno Dumilah. After sometime, he decided to try to hug her and see if she would consider marry him. Suddenly, she died. Just like she promised, she rather die than marrying Batara Guru without all of these conditions. He tried to bring her back to life. But, it was no use. And so, he buried her. After her funeral, some strange plant grew from her to feed the local citizen. From her head grew coconut tree, from her body grew rice paddy plants, from her hand grew hanging fruits. And from her feet grew taproot plants.

After that day, the rice paddy plants were spread all over the world. The rice paddy plants from the body of Retno Dumilah became the master paddy.

Another day, Dewi Sri was being chased by a wild pig. She asked Dewata Hindu’s God, if she could be banished instead of being chased by a wild pig. PLOP! She was suddenly banished from the world. She also became rice paddy plant. These rice paddy plants were planted in a paddy field. A farmer named Pak Tani was happy to plant Dewi Sri’s paddy. He was taught how to farm the rice paddy.

The wild pig that chased Dewi Sri died. Many kinds of insect that kill plants, like rats, appeared from his body. To fight the insects, Dewi Sri sent paddy field snakes to eat the rats. Because of this, farmers don’t kill paddy field snakes anymore, since they kill the insects that eat the rice.


  1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
  1. Batara Guru wanted to pursue Retno Dumilah
  2. Gamelan is the traditional Javanese instrument
  3. Three conditions that must be fulfilled by Batara Guru
  4. Retno Dumilah doesn’t love Batara Guru
  5. Retno Dumilah was attractive girl.


  1. Paragraph one is the _____ of the story.
  1. complication
  2. resolution
  3. orientation
  4. reorientation
  5. conclusion


  1. In which paragraph does Batara Guru have hard time?
  1. Paragraph 2
  2. Paragraph 3
  3. Paragraph 4
  4. Paragraph 5
  5. Paragraph 6


  1. The purpose of the text is _____
  1. to entertain the readers with the fable
  2. to amuse the readers with the legend of the rice paddy
  3. to inform the reader about the legend of Retno Dumilah
  4. to convince the readers with the legend of the rice paddy
  5. to explain the legend of the rice paddy to the readers


  1. “She was suddenly banished from the world”

The underlined word mean _____

  1. punished
  2. sent away
  3. went out
  4. jailed
  5. escaped


  1. What’s the type of this narrative text?
  1. Myth
  2. Legend
  3. Fairy tale
  4. Fable
  5. Folk tale


Text 7


23_____ most people know that the success of a television show is measured by its rating, few know exactly how shows are rated, First, a rating company 24_____ meters in a few thousand representative homes in particular area. 25_____ the television sit in on of these homes is turned on, the meter records the day, time and the channel. The meter the 26_____ sends this information to the rating company’s headquarters. A computer at the headquarters tallies all of the information from all the homes in the area. 27_____, the computers prints rating sheet that shows how many homes watch each show and which shows are they most popular.


  1. Although
  2. However
  3. Since
  4. Nevertheless
  5. Because


  1. induces
  2. installs
  3. introspects
  4. invites
  5. interprets


  1. Thus
  2. Until
  3. When
  4. Unless
  5. Since


  1. electronic
  2. electrical
  3. electricity
  4. electronically
  5. electronical


  1. Finally
  2. Eventually
  3. Subsequently
  4. Recently
  5. Gradually


Text 8


Reading Cobain’s Pain


Next month, late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain’s life will once again become public property, courtesy of Riverhead Books. And true to Cobain form, ‘Journals’ –which Newsweek’s Lorraine Ali describe in last week’s U.S edition as ‘a collection of hand written diary entries, letters, band, memos, drawing, screeds and cries from the heart’ – won’t be released without controversy.

Riverhead had reportedly paid Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, and his 10 years old daughter, Frances, roughly $4 million for ‘Journals”. As Ali writes, some fans ‘worry that it’s an invasion to be left alone’. Many would tend agree. But having read the book, Ali seems to acknowledge its value. “Journals can be raw and unsettling,” she writes. But, “The book also illuminates Cobain’s sweet, whimsical side” she continues. “These contradictions may enhance the way we listen to Nirvana.”


  1. The passage is mainly about …
    1. The contradiction between Cobain and Ali
    2. The publication of Kurt’s Cobain’s life
    3. Lorraine Ali’s life in Riverhead Books
    4. The 10 years old daughter’s problem
    5. Cobain’s widow’s suicide



  1. The main idea of the second paragraph is …
    1. Nirvana fans will be sweet
    2. The journals make the fans tragic
    3. Kurt Cobain’s life will become public property
    4. Ali’s book will be written by the widow of Cobain
    5. $ 4 million has been paid to Cobain’s widow and daughter


  1. All of these statements are true, except
    1. Kurt Cobain’s life become public property
    2. Lorraine Ali wrote an article in Newsweek
    3. Riverhead paid Cobain and his daughter $ 4 million for ‘Journals’
    4. ‘Journals’ will be release with controversy
    5. ‘Journals’ illuminates Cobain’s sweet whimsical side


  1. “But having read the book, Ali seems to acknowledge its value.” (Paragraph 2)

The closest meaning of the underlined word is…

  1. understand
  2. accustom
  3. report
  4. admit
  5. refuse


  1. “You looked so unhappy, Anton. What’s the matter?”

“My father __________ his job.”

  1. has just lost
  2. has been losing
  3. was losing
  4. is losing
  5. loses


  1. This is the latest news about the kidnapping of the richest businessman in town __________ we received a few minutes ago.
    1. whom
    2. of which
    3. where
    4. whose
    5. which


  1. The young men __________ by this institute are all university graduates
    1. employ
    2. employed
    3. to employ
    4. employing
    5. to be employed


  1. Trying to smuggle drugs into the country, the criminals were caught by the custom officials at the airport.

The underlined word mean: “ __________ to smuggle drugs into the country.”

  1. When the criminals were trying
  2. Although the customs officials have tried
  3. Before the smuggled tried
  4. Because the customs officials were trying
  5. Until the criminals were trying


  1. Tourist : Could you tell me the nearest

travel agent is?

Policemen   : Sure. Walk on for one block and

turn left. It’s on your right.

The underlined expression shows _____

  1. asking for information
  2. accepting invitation
  3. refusing an offer
  4. expressing hope
  5. asking for apology


  1. Dina : I’ve got a terrible toothache

Rina : Why don’t you see the dentist?

From the expression, we know that Rina …

  1. asks question
  2. gives advice
  3. feels irritated
  4. gives order
  5. feels sorry


  1. Rahmat : Would you like to have a cup of

coffee now?

Mrs. Santika : Not at the moment, please. I

already have one at home

From the dialogue we know that Mrs. Santika was expressing …

  1. an offer
  2. a refusal
  3. an apology
  4. an obligation
  5. a disagreement


  1. Ruthless hunters kill innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks.

The underlined word is similar to …

  1. bad
  2. vulgar
  3. brutal
  4. fierce
  5. dangerous


  1. The function of banks are places to deposit money and give _____ to their customers.
    1. loans
    2. funds
    3. books
    4. security
    5. accounts


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