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Subject : Cloze Reading


Text 1


The field of medicine has not traditionally distinguished between someone who is merely ‘not ill” and someone who is in excellent health and paying attention to the body’s special needs. Both types 1_____ been called ‘well’. In recent years, 2_____, some health practitioners 3_____ to apply the terms well and wellness only to those people who are actively striving to maintain and to improve their health. People who are well concern with nutrition and exercise, and they make point of 4_____ their body’s condition – for example through 5_____ breast self-examination or blood pressure checkups. Most important, perhaps, people who are well take active 6_____ for all matters pertaining to their health. Even, people who have a physical disease or handicaps may be ‘well’, in this news sense if they make an 7_____ to maintain the best possible health they can in the face of their physical limitation. ‘Wellness’ may perhaps best 8_____ not a state that people can achieve, but as an ideal that people can strive for.


  1. A. simple
  1. simply
  2. simplify
  3. simplified
  4. simplicity


  1. A. furthermore
  1. nevertheless
  2. therefore
  3. moreover
  4. however


  1. A. begin
  1. began
  2. have begun
  3. are beginning
  4. who began


  1. A. seeing
  1. watching
  2. keeping
  3. monitoring
  4. caring


  1. A. regular
  1. usual
  2. standard
  3. ordinary
  4. customary


  1. A. respond
  1. response
  2. responding
  3. responsive
  4. responsibility


  1. A. effort
  1. program
  2. achievement
  3. exercise
  4. diet


  1. A. to be viewed
  1. being viewed
  2. be viewed
  3. is viewed
  4. to be viewed


Text 2


Most people who have a sweet tooth consume the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. For the 9_____ person, there’s nothing wrong with sugar by itself, unless for the sweet foods in your daily diet are keeping you from eating and drinking the 10_____ foods you need. 11_____ for people who are trying to lose weight or have to watch their blood sugar because of the diabetes, too much sugar can be a problem. That is why artificial sweeteners can come in handy. These low calorie sweeteners, report International Food Council, are 12_____ to use, provide sweetness without calories, and provide a choice of sweet food. The 13_____ artificial sweeteners include acesulfame potassium, astarpame, sucralose, d-tagatose and saccharin.


  1. A. sensitive
  1. unhealthy
  2. average
  3. special
  4. common


  1. A. nutrient
  1. nutrition
  2. nutritionist
  3. nutritious
  4. nutritiously


  1. A. and
  1. but
  2. so
  3. as
  4. thus


  1. A. safe
  1. good
  2. harmful
  3. applicable
  4. careful


  1. A. approve
  1. approval
  2. approving
  3. approved
  4. approvingly


Text 3


Ecosystem has a structure consisting of producers, customers, and decomposers. The producers are the green plants, which use light energy 14_____ living matter from non living matter in the environment, while the consumers are all the animals which directly or indirectly 15_____ the green plants. The decomposers, 16_____ are bacteria and fungi that change the dead organic material back into simple raw material, which then can be used again by the producers. This structure, which is 17_____ to maintain the flow of energy and nutrients through the system, consists of the interactions between hundreds or even thousand of 18_____ kinds of plants, animals and microbes which grow, reproduce and die in never-ending cycle.


  1. A. to produce
  1. produce
  2. producer
  3. produced
  4. producing


  1. A. take care of
  1. consist of
  2. provide with
  3. come from
  4. feed on


  1. A. therefore
  1. similarly
  2. nevertheless
  3. in addition
  4. on the other hand


  1. A. necessary
  1. additional
  2. productive
  3. specific
  4. dependent


  1. A. differ
  1. differentiate
  2. difference
  3. different
  4. differential


Text 4


Many countries realize the dangers of smoking and have tried to ban cigarette advertisements completely so that children never see them, or at least reduce smoking advertisements so that they are not widespread.

But these 19_____ are often not successful; on the whole, they have not restricted cigarette advertising. Through their activities, US cigarette companies 20_____ these laws even if they obey the wording of the laws. There are a number of ways in wish these companies violate the spirit of laws 21_____ to protect young people from cigarettes. 22_____ some companies don’t advertise their cigarettes; but they give them away free.

Even more potentially harmful is the involvement of cigarette companies in sports events. They 23_____ to be promoting a sports events when, in fact, they are selling cigarettes.


  1. A. intentions
  1. demands
  2. interruptions
  3. suggestions
  4. controls


  1. A. violate
  1. consider
  2. omit
  3. complicate
  4. investigate


  1. A. to intend
  1. intention
  2. intentional
  3. intended
  4. intending


  1. A. such as
  1. in conclusion
  2. for example
  3. in addition
  4. compared to


  1. A. to appear
  1. appear
  2. appearance
  3. appeared
  4. apparent


Text 5


In canning, heat can be used to destroy bacteria and halt enzyme activity in food. Bacterial 24_____ from external source is prevented by sealing the food in a can. The can is then heated to a temperature 25_____ to sterilize the contents. The length of time and the temperature 26_____ to ensure sterilization depend on the product and on the type of bacteria to be destroyed. It is important that the contents of the can are heated 27_____. An experimental check can be made on the exact temperature in any part of a sample can 28_____ it is being heated by inserting a thermocouple into the can.


  1. A. influence
  1. effect
  2. contamination
  3. excess
  4. infectiousness


  1. A. regular
  1. convenient
  2. operative
  3. sufficient
  4. complete


  1. A. require
  1. requirement
  2. requisite
  3. requisition
  4. required


  1. A. unity
  1. uniform
  2. uniformity
  3. uniformly
  4. uniformed


  1. A. while
  1. because
  2. whereas
  3. since
  4. so that



Text 6


How much living space does a person need? What happens when these 29_____ are not adequately met? Sociologists and psychologists are conducting experiments on rats to try 30_____ the effect of overcrowding on humans. Recent studies have shown that the behavior of rats is greatly affected by space; they eat well, sleep well, and reproduce well. But if their living conditions become too crowded, their behavior patterns and even their health change 31_____. They cannot sleep and eat well, and sign of fear and tension become 32_____. The more crowded they are, the more they tend to bite each other and even kill each other 33_____, for rats, population and violence are directly related. Is this a natural law for human society as well? Is adequate space not only desirable but also essential for human survival?


  1. A. requirements
  1. influences
  2. problems
  3. resources
  4. possibilities


  1. A. to emerge
  1. to propose
  2. to imagine
  3. to examine
  4. simplicity


  1. A. to perceive
  1. perceptibly
  2. perceptive
  3. perceptible
  4. perception


  1. A. tremendous
  1. registered
  2. concise
  3. absolute
  4. obvious


  1. A. however
  1. yet
  2. thus
  3. moreover
  4. finally


Text 7


Today no one would deny the genius of Albert Einstein. 34_____ that was not always the case. In his youth, Einstein’s parents and teachers 35_____ him both undisciplined and dull. As a child, he was slow to talk, and his parents were 36_____ he might be retarded. As an adolescent, he had difficulties adjusting to the strict discipline of the German school, and his teachers were not pleased with his 37_____. Not surprisingly, he found college little better than high school, and again he 38_____ the appropriate academic discipline. In the end, he was able to graduate, but only with the help of a friend who kept him up to date on all his courses.


  1. A. since
  1. but
  2. so
  3. because
  4. therefore


  1. A. declared
  1. determined
  2. predicted
  3. accused
  4. considered


  1. A. hopeful
  1. amazed
  2. expectant
  3. timid
  4. worried


  1. A. success
  1. increase
  2. advantage
  3. program
  4. progress


  1. A. achieved
  1. served
  2. lacked
  3. wasted
  4. disrupted


Text 8


In an age of supersonic airlines, it is difficult to imagine that at the beginning of the twentieth century no one had ever flown in an aeroplane. 39_____, people were playing in balloons and airships. The airship was 40_____ on the principle of the semi-rigid structure. In 1900 Ferdinand von zeppelin fitted a patrol engine to a rigid balloons. The craft was the first really 41_____ airships. In 1919 an airship first carried passengers across the Atlantic, and in 1929 one traveled round the world. During this time the design of airship was constantly being 42_____ and up to 1937 they 43_____ thousands of passengers on regular transatlantic service for million of miles.


  1. A. in addition
  1. next
  2. however
  3. furthermore
  4. consequently


  1. A. located
  1. based
  2. supported
  3. decided
  4. originated


  1. A. success
  1. succeed
  2. succeeded
  3. successful
  4. successfully


  1. A. repaired
  1. encouraged
  2. recovered
  3. established
  4. improved


  1. A. applied
  1. lifted
  2. sent
  3. delivered
  4. carried


Text 9


No one knows who invented mechanical clocks. However the clock 44_____ can be traced, back to Middle Ages in Europe. The earliest clocks were actually made by blacksmith. The main principles in design of these clocks 45_____ are still use in mechanical clocks today, though modern clocks are so much more accurate.

Early clocks had no dial, and 46_____ the time simply by striking a bell. The word clock, in fact, means bell. Before the invention of clocks, a man 47_____ as a clock – jack use to ring a large bell in a castle or used monastery to tell everyone the time. This man was able to 48_____ the time by means of a sundial or an hour glass containing sand.


  1. A. industry
  1. company
  2. fabrication
  3. installation
  4. procedure


  1. A. moreover
  1. beside
  2. therefore
  3. however
  4. consequently


  1. A. stated
  1. assumed
  2. predicted
  3. mentioned
  4. indicated


  1. A. called
  1. known
  2. used
  3. noticed
  4. grow


  1. A. estimate
  1. estimation
  2. estimator
  3. estimated
  4. estimating


Text 10


For several decades, the term ‘psychosomatic’ has been in general use. It means mind-body 49_____. But the precise way the mind affects the body has not been clearly defined. As the result of recent research, 50_____, it is possible to say that specific changes take place throughout the body as the result of human attitudes. Placebos – a ‘pill’ that contain no medical ingredients but that often 51_____ the same effect as genuine medication – provide ample proof that expectations can have an effect on the body chemistry. The explanation for this phenomenon is that the human minds can 52_____ actual changes in body-chemistry as a result of what it believes. If, for example, a person believes that a certain medication 53_____ a substance that can accomplish a specific need, the body tends to move to that direction.


  1. A. relate
  1. relatively
  2. relationship
  3. relative
  4. related


  1. A. furthermore
  1. however
  2. moreover
  3. therefore
  4. in addition


  1. A. establishes
  1. enhances
  2. activates
  3. productive
  4. concludes


  1. A. create
  1. creation
  2. creative
  3. created
  4. creating


  1. A. follows
  1. contains
  2. excludes
  3. defines
  4. improves

download soal bahasa inggris Cloze Reading doc word

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