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The main argument favoring co-education is that is provides a powerful incentive to both genders to work in completion with each other. A higher standard of work is produced because both boys and girls are on their mettle.

The mixing of genders in co-educational school eradicate shyness I the boy and girl relationship. This is true and they do benefit by living, working, and playing together. “Mixed” activities in schools with different genders are part of curriculum inmost school nowadays. On the other hand, boys and girls in separate school do experience shyness. They may encounter problems of adapting to one another, as they are not exposed to an environment of sharing and working together.

Finally, co-education leads more balanced school life because of mutual interest between genders. Plays, concerts, projects, and so on are easier to produce when girls and boys can both take part, and the results are often better.

The danger in mixed school is that the adolescent will become too preoccupied with the attraction to one another and they may involve in difficulties of serious social nature. However, with roper guidance and supervision, this is not such a difficult problem to overcome.

The advantages of co-education are out numbers disadvantages. It brings benefit to social side. It promotes the value of cooperation and is most evident in the sphere of human relations. Almost every aspect of human life is being dependent upon it. Both genders will learn hoe to live and work in harmony with another. Therefore, co-education is there to say as it is proven to be beneficial to society.










  1. The above writing mostly uses …..
    1. Simple past tense
    2. Simple present tense
    3. Simple future tense
    4. Simple perfect tense
    5. Past continuous tense
  2. The above text mainly talks about …..
    1. School life
    2. Boys and girls live in peace
    3. The benefit of co-education
    4. Co-educational school eradicates shyness
    5. The pros and cons of mixed school education
  3. Which of the following is not true according to the text?
    1. Co-education is beneficial to the society
    2. Co-education may pose social problems
    3. Co-education leads to more balanced school life
    4. Co-education promotes the value of co-operation
    5. Co-education students are than the single gender school students


We often hear about solar car, solar heating or solar batteries. But will solar energy ever be a major source of energy for industrial societies? The solar energy is cheaper than any other fossil fuel because we can get the abundant source from the sun.

In sunny desert areas, 50% of the sun’s radiation that reaches the ground could be used to produce electricity for business and industry, to provide heat, light and hot water for homes. Experimental solar ponds can produce hot water to drive generators.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet power our homes entirely on sunlight. Solar energy can only be exploited in bright light. Its greatest potential therefore is in hot countries that have clear skies for most of the year. While most houses, are not always in the sunniest part of the world. In addition, to harnessing the solar power, solar cells are needed to convert the sunlight directly into electricity. Solar cells are very cheap to run, but relatively expensive to buy and many people can’t afford it.

Needless to say that solar energy is useful and non-polluted source of energy. Nevertheless. Solar cells, the main important device to harness the sun’s energy are still very expensive.










  1. What is the topic of the text?
    1. The use of fossils fuel
    2. The exploitation of solar energy
    3. The electricity generated by solar energy
    4. The controversy of harnessing solar energy
    5. The important device to harness solar energy



  1. Which statement is the pro-side of the topic?
    1. Solar cells are expensive to buy
    2. Solar energy is non-polluted source energy
    3. Solar energy can only be exploited in bright light
    4. Most houses are not always in the sunniest part of the world
    5. Solar energy has to be converted in electricity using expensive device
  2. From the text above, we can conclude that …..
    1. Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuel
    2. The cheapest energy in the world is solar energy
    3. We can get the abundant source of energy from the sun
    4. Solar energy is useful and non-polluted but the device to harness it is expensive
    5. To harness the solar power, solar cells are needed to convert the sunlight into electricity
  3. In sunny desert areas, 50% of the sun’s radiation ….. (par.2)

The underlined word has similar meaning with …..

    1. Loss of hope
    2. Thing that is wished for
    3. Large area of sand covered land
    4. Course of fruit at the end of meal
    5. Areas with full of vegetables or fruit
  1. The text mostly uses …..
    1. Simple present tense
    2. Simple past tense
    3. Simple future tense
    4. Present perfect tense
    5. Present continuous tense


There are many reasons for both sides of the questions, “should we have printed advertisement?” Many people have strong views and feel that ads are nothing more than useless junk mail, while other people feel they are an important source of information.

Here are some reason why we should have advertisement in newspaper and magazine. One reason is ads give us information about what is available. Looking at ads we can find out what is on sale and what is new in the market. This is an easy way of shopping. Another reason is that advertisement promotes business. When shop owners complete against each other the buyer savers money, more people come to their shops and they sell more goods.

On the other hand, some people argue ads should not be put in newspaper and magazines for these various reasons. Firstly, ads cost the shopkeepers a lot of money to print on to paper. Also some people don’t like finding junk mail in the letterboxes. People may also find the ads not very interesting. Ads also influence people to buy items they don’t need and can’t really afford. Ads use up a lot of space and a lot of effort has to be made to make the ads eye catching. Ads also take up a lot of room in the papers and I don’t think I find some of the interesting.

In summary, although ads provide people with information, they cost a lot of money to print. Therefore I think we should not have printed advertisement.










  1. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
    1. To amuse the readers
    2. To persuade the readers
    3. To describe printed advertisement
    4. To explain the process of making printed advertisement
    5. To present two points of view about printed advertisement
  2. Here the reason why ads should be put in newspaper and magazine
    1. Ads promote business
    2. Ads take up a lot of room
    3. Ads are not very interesting
    4. Ads cost a lot of money to print
    5. Some people don’t like finding junk mail in their letterboxes
  3. Some people don’t like finding junk mail in their letterboxes

The word “Junk” means …..

    1. Old
    2. Urgent
    3. Personal
    4. No value
    5. Necessary


Multi Level Marketing (MLM), which has been mushrooming in Indonesia, still becomes debates among those who agree with the system and those who disagree. Here are some of the arguments

On the one hand, people believe that the strategy can improve people’s income and way of life. By selling products, an MLMer get an active income that is 20%-30% profit of the price of the products. If someone, says Mr. Arnold, can prospect people to become his/her down line, Mr. Arnold will also receive a percentage for the goods the down line buys. If the down line can also expand the network, Mr. Arnold will also get percentages.

Besides, it can develop one’s personality and encourage him/her to work harder. Because MLMs offer people financially freedom in the future, they will try to avoid feeling of worry and shy to prospect the products. MLM companies also conduct seminars and meetings to encourage people to work harder.

Many MLMer fail to prospect people either become the members of buy their products. Because MLMer is neither advertised nor sold in general markets. MLMers should spend more time to memorize and persuade people the quality of their products. This really needs much spirit.

Not all people agree the company’s promise to improve people’s income. The cons say that they see a cheesy, obvious, and blatant appeal to greed and materialism.

Although there are few reasons why people don’t want to follow MLM, it’s not as bad. It depend on how people control and motivate themselves. Moreover, the marketing strategy has been legalized by government, and has been the most expensive profession ever known.










  1. How can a MLMer get percentages?
    1. When he sells the goods, he gets the money
    2. By prospecting people to become his down line
    3. By presenting paper in the seminar and meeting
    4. By using strategy which can improve people’s income
    5. He gets percentages from the goods his down line buys and if he can expand the network
  2. Who do you think write this text?
    1. A successful MLMer
    2. A person who join MLM
    3. People who agree with the MLM system
    4. Many MLM who fail to prospect people to become members
    5. A person who understand how MLM works and gives special concern about it
  3. Suppose you are an MLMer, which paragraph(s) supports (s) you to persuade people to be your down line?
    1. Paragraph 1 & 4
    2. Paragraph 2 & 4
    3. Paragraph 3 & 4
    4. Paragraph 4 & 5
    5. Paragraph 5 & 6
  4. The communicative purpose of the text is to …..
    1. Describe MLM system
    2. Explain how to join MLM
    3. Present positive points of MLM
    4. Persuade the reader to join MLM
    5. Tell the readers the arguments for and against MLM
  5. “MLM which has been mushrooming in Indonesia, ….. “ (par.1)

The underlined word is similar to …..

    1. Improving
    2. Establishing
    3. Growing fungus
    4. Growing an decaying matter
    5. Spreading or growing rapidly


The ethical issue about cheating is perhaps as old as education itself. The whole discussion generally ends with the question of whether cheating or letting others to cheat us during an exam is ethically wrong. Concerning the latter, there have been two opposing sides of opinion.

Some people say that letting other to cheat is ethically right. They say need to help one another. If other people let us copy their work, then there is a good reason to give similar assist to them. They also argue that if they cannot do a test, that is not in any way their fault. In fact, they don’t believe in test. Test according to them mean nothing. So, cheating doesn’t matter at all.

Meanwhile, those who oppose the practice ‘mutual cheating’ regard the habit as unacceptable, and will do no good to others. They say people will not learn for themselves if we always allow them to cheat us. Cheating each other’s work will make everyone get similar results and that sort of results will certainly be misleading. They who do not agree with letting other to cheat believe in helping themselves and urge others to do their own wok.

There is no final answer as to whether letting others to cheat is ethically or socially wrong. In fact, the practice of cheating is still common, and may have become a custom or habit, and even a serious problem in many classroom as in many places.



  1. What is the text about?
    1. That cheating doesn’t matter at all
    2. The serious problem in the classroom
    3. The student who copy other’s test paper
    4. The question whether the habit of copying books is usual
    5. The problem whether cheating or letting other to cheat is wrong
  2. “Concerning the latter, there have been ….. (par.1)
    1. Cheating
    2. Education
    3. The ethical issues
    4. Letting others to cheat
    5. Cheating during the exam
  3. Which is not right according to the text?
    1. Test according to some people means nothing
    2. Cheating other’s work won’t make similar results
    3. In fact, the practice of cheating is still common
    4. The ethical issues about cheating may be as old as education itself
    5. There are some people who regard the cheating habit as unacceptable
  4. What do you think about the text?
    1. The writer’s attitude is partial
    2. There is no controversy about cheating
    3. The problem of cheating can be overcome
    4. The writer does not take side to the issue
    5. The text only presents the contra side of the issue
  5. The social function of the text is to …..
    1. Describe how to copy others’ answer
    2. Explain how cheating is done by students
    3. Present two opposing sides of the opinions
    4. Persuade the readers that cheating is not good
    5. Convince how to copy others’ answer


Assisted suicide, also called Voluntary Euthanasia, is currently a contentious issue in many countries. The question in the debate is this: if a person whose is suffering an illness that has medically declared incurable decides that they wish to end their life, is it acceptable for others to assist them?

Supporters of voluntary euthanasia contend that every human being has a right to life, and this right is perhaps the most logic and fundamental of all our right. However, with every right comes a choice. The right to speech does not remove the option to remain silent; the right to vote brings with it the right to abstain. In the same way, the right to choose to die is implicit in their right to life.

Those who oppose voluntary euthanasia, on the other hand, argue that there is no comparison between the rights to life and other right. When we choose to remain silent, we may change our mind at a later date; when you choose to die, you have no such second chance. Participating in someone’s death is also to participate in depriving them of all choices they might make in the future, and it’s therefore immoral.

Indeed, it is not easy to decide whether euthanasia can be justified morally. In fact, rightness and wrongness depend on the justification underlying the action.










  1. Which of the following cannot be the title of the text?
    1. The controversy of assisted suicide
    2. The explanation why euthanasia is done
    3. The pros and cons about assisted suicide
    4. Can assisted suicide be morally justified?
    5. The opposing opinions about assisted suicide
  2.  Participating in someone’s death is also to participate ….. (par.3)
    1. Take care
    2. Take side
    3. Take part
    4. Take over
    5. Take place
  3. Which statement is true according to the text?
    1. The problem of euthanasia can be solved easily
    2. It is easy to say that euthanasia is justified morally
    3. Euthanasia is a contentious in many countries
    4. We can practice euthanasia if we suffer from illness
    5. Practicing euthanasia is acceptable for those who get serious illness
  4. From the text, it can be concludes that …..
    1. It is acceptable to practice euthanasia done by a doctor
    2. Assisted suicide can easily be practiced by using doctor’s help
    3. There is no debate about euthanasia due to oneself choice
    4. It is difficult to find the answer whether euthanasia justified
    5. The rightness and wrongness of euthanasia rely on how the doctor does

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