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Language Function


  1. Dyah Ayu : Do you agree that English is very important nowdays?

Mayang    : _____ later, when you study in the university, you’ll find that many books you need are written in English.

  1. My opinion it really is
  2. No, it isn’t
  3. Oh, don’t worry about it
  4. I don’t know
  5. Here you are


  1. Jeany : Reading a newspaper in the morning is a good thing to do, isn’t it?

Yayan  : That’s right. But unfortunately I can’t do it. That’s right mean ……….

  1. Encouraging
  2. Condoling
  3. Suggesting
  4. Agreeing
  5. Requesting


  1. Father : We are proud of you son. You are a real hero. You’ve been the best graduate.

Bejo      : Thank’s dad

From dialogue, we know that Bejo’s father __

  1. Feels happy for his son’s achievement
  2. Wants his son be the best graduate
  3. Cares very much about his son
  4. Has nothing but his son
  5. Makes his son a hero


  1. Ismara : English is an important language, isn’t it?

Febri     : That’s right. But unfortunately I can’t speak English well.

Ismara  : Well, you should practice it a lot.

The underlined word are normally used for __

  1. Agreement
  2. Advice
  3. Disagreement
  4. Symphaty
  5. Permission


  1. Dian : This telegram is for my husband. He’s out on duty.

What do you recommend me to do?

Eka    : Why, don’t you ring him and tell him that a telegram’s arrived?

In the dialogue above, Dian is asking for Eka’s _____

  1. Advice
  2. Permission
  3. Curiousity
  4. Information
  5. Agreement


  1. Gigih : Have you heard that Fatka got the first prize for a speech contest held in our school?

Unggul : Oh, really? ………….

  1. It’s impossible
  2. It’s out of question
  3. I’m sorry to hear that
  4. His parent must be proud of him
  5. I’m fed up with him


  1. Jarot : Hi Diorita, ………. ?

Diorita  : That’s very kind of you, but I’m expecting my father.

  1. Could you tell me why ?
  2. Shall I help you ?
  3. Can I drive you home ?
  4. Could you give me a lift ?
  5. Shall I bring you a drink ?


  1. Yovie : Excuse me, may I go out for a moment ?

Naomi  : Oh, sure.

From underlined sentence, we may conclude that the first speaker asks for _____

  1. Information
  2. An offer
  3. An apology
  4. Help
  5. Permission


  1. Mr. Hadi : Do you think we can see the marketing manager at his office?

Secretary  : _____ He usually go out for lunch at this hour. You may come here in the morning.

  1. It’s quite possible
  2. Why not? Everything is possible
  3. Nothing is certain yet
  4. here’s very little change for it
  5. There’s always change for it


  1. Mrs. Aditya : If I don’t have a certificate showing ownership of property for the guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?

Mrs. Harry  : I can’t say that for sure.

The underlined expression is used to express

  1. Dissatisfaction
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Dissappointment
  4. Dislike
  5. Disagreement


  1. Son : Father, I think we need to expand our business. We should borrow some money from the bank to increase the capital.

Father : __________

The following expression of agreement can be used to complete the dialogue above, except _____

  1. I agree with you
  2. That’s a good idea
  3. I don’t have any objection to the idea
  4. I’m afraid it’s not the time
  5. That’s right


  1. Policeman : Were you in that mall when the building was burnt down?

Student     : Yes sir. I admit joining the riot but I didn’t have anything to do with the burning down.

The last statement show a __________ about the burning down.

  1. Dislike
  2. Denial
  3. Proposal
  4. Disagree
  5. Confession


  1. Chief of the village : You must stop cutting down the trees in this forest, otherwise you will be sent to prison.

Villager                  : I’m sorry sir. I won’t do it anymore.

  1. an advice
  2. a request
  3. a command
  4. an invitation
  5. a warning


  1. Which of the folowing utterance does not express permission?
  1. May I use your pen?
  2. Could I use your pen?
  3. Mind if I use your pen?
  4. I wonder if I could borrow your pen?
  5. Do you know that I need your pen?


  1. Rina : I’d like to go on sight seeing this afternoon what about you Rini? Will you accompany me?

Rini : “ _____ what time shal we start?”

  1. Yes, sure
  2. Excuse me
  3. Not at all
  4. Forgive me
  5. See you later


  1. Dina : “It’s very hot in this room, isn’t it?”

Tuti : “_____ Budi?”

  1. Would you be so kind as to open the window
  2. How can you open the window
  3. Will you open the window
  4. Didn’t you open the window
  5. Do you open the window


  1. Tania : How about a drink?

Asep  : _____

Tania : Coca-cola or Fanta?

Asep  : Coca-cola please

Which of the following is not suitable to complete the dialogue above?

  1. I won’t say no
  2. Thank you
  3. Yes, with pleasure
  4. You are right
  5. I’d like to but I must leave now


  1. X : All the articles are very boring

Y : That’s right I am _____ with them

  1. Surprise
  2. Delighted
  3. Pleased
  4. Satisfied
  5. Disappointed


  1. Ibrahim : Boys, why did you throw stones at my car? You are very naughty.

Children : _____ mom, we didn’t do it

  1. You are right
  2. We don’t deny it
  3. We are sorry
  4. We admit it
  5. That’s not true


  1. Student : It is all right if I read this reference book in this room?

Librarian : _____

  1. Yes, you are
  2. Yes, certainly
  3. I don’t know
  4. Yes, you do
  5. It’s up to you


  1. Student A : Have you went to Bali?

Student B : No, I haven’t. but I hope to be able to do it next time.

The underlined expression shows _____

  1. Refusal
  2. Agreement
  3. Invitation
  4. Expectation
  5. Acceptation


  1. Azhar : What’s wrong with your camera, Tom?

Tommy : The lense doesn’t focus well

Azhar    : _____?

Tommy : No, thanks. I can fix it my self

  1. Will you bring it to a repairman
  2. Should I charge it
  3. Do you need some help
  4. Have you had it repaired
  5. Would you buy a new one


  1. Passanger : It is allowed to bring a bird on the plane?

Officer        : I am sorry, that’s not allowed

The underlined utterance express _____

  1. Regret
  2. Caution
  3. Admiration
  4. Permission
  5. Prohibition


  1. Anton : What do you think about the war?

Mardi : The cost of the war in death suffering and destruction of property was enormous. It really make people so _____

  1. delighted
  2. up set
  3. pleased
  4. fantastic
  5. great


  1. Dian : Do you think nulvicious food improve your health?

Rani : Yes, _____ it will

  1. I deny that
  2. I am absolutely sure
  3. I’m probably
  4. There’s a change of
  5. I’m not certain


  1. The following expression can be used when someone says uncertanty, except _____
  1. I am not sure
  2. Iam not certain
  3. Of course not
  4. There’s no doubt
  5. I doubt


  1. Budi is a very good in English, there is _____ of getting three
  1. a good chance
  2. more chance
  3. a little chance
  4. possibility
  5. impossibility


  1. Amir : He say that you make a noise in the classroom.

Budi : That’s not true

The underlined utterance expressed _____

  1. uncertainty
  2. imposibility
  3. satisfaction
  4. pleasure
  5. denial


  1. The following expressions can be used to say an ability, except _____
  1. I am able to …..
  2. I think I can’t …..
  3. I am capable of …..
  4. I am good at …..
  5. I have ability in …..


  1. Ali : What was your father’s purpose in giving you a gift?

Usman : He is _____ with my marks in the final exam

  1. displeased
  2. disappointed
  3. delighted
  4. annoyed
  5. fed up

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