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Shipbuilder’s strike continues

Government takes action


The bitter strike over pay and redundancies has now lasted over 8 weeks. Shipbuilders have told their leader to ‘fight to the end’ to stop dockyard from closing and 2,000 of their men losing their jobs.

Sir Albert Pringle, chairman of British Shipbuilder, has asked Peter Arkwright, the president of the shipbuilder’s union to attend a meeting next Thursday.

Meanwhile, the government has ordered Sir Albert to give important naval contract to Japanese


  1. The purpose of the text _____
  1. To persuade readers to be careful with their employees
  2. To inform readers about a newsworthy event
  3. To share an amusing story with readers
  4. To describe a report
  5. To describe a strike in a company


  1. What is the text about _____
  1. Peter Arkward
  2. Sir Albert Pringle
  3. Shipbuilder’s strike
  4. British shipbuilders
  5. Shipbuilder’s union


  1. The strike happened because _____
  1. The strike had lasted over 8 weeks
  2. Workers wanted changes on pay and redundancies
  3. Sir Albert Pringle has attended a meeting on Thursday
  4. Sir Albert gave important naval contracts to Japanese
  5. The shipbuilders’ leaders fought to the end to stop dockyard from closing


  1. Who asked Peter Arkward to attend a meeting next Thursday?
  1. The strikers
  2. The Japanese
  3. The government
  4. The chairman of British Shipbuilders
  5. The president of shipbuilders Union

Surabaya : The tourism fair country held in East Java’s capital, Surabaya, attract 51 tour operators, including 35 international operators, the organizer said.

The international tour operators participating in the Majapahit Trade fair came from United States, the Nederland, Taiwan, the Philippines, Middle east and Russia, the province’s head of tourism division Harun said on Thursday.

The fair, which opened on Thursday, will last through Sept. 8

Entitled “East Java as an Overland Destination”’ the fair mostly offer tourism package in East Java.


  1. The text is about _____
  1. The opening of the fair
  2. The international operators
  3. Tourism package
  4. The tourism fair in Surabaya
  5. The head of tourism division


  1. The tourism fair, “East Java as an Overland Destination”’ mostly offer tourism packages in East Java.

The underlined word means _____

  1. An important place
  2. A nice house
  3. The end of a journey
  4. The place we live
  5. An interesting area


  1. How is the generic structure of the text above?
  1. orientation – evaluation – complication – resolution – reorientation
  2. newsworthy event – background – source
  3. Identification – description
  4. orientation – events – reorientation
  5. aim/goal – material – steps


  1. What is the purpose of the text?
  1. To amuse the readers
  2. To give information to the readers
  3. To retell past event
  4. To describe a particular thing

download soal bahasa inggris news text doc word

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