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Present Simple Tense


Complete these sentences using the verbs in the brackets. Use the present simple tense!

  1. Yuriko and Kyoko are Japanese. They (come) __________ from Osaka.
  2. I always (watch) __________ the news programme on TV.
  3. She usually (go) __________ to the campus on foot.
  4. My father (have) __________ a new car.
  5. Mmmmm! The dinner (smell) __________ good. What is it?
  6. They (not enjoy) __________ the party at all. The music is too loud.
  7. We (kill) __________ animals just for food.
  8. Many SMU students often (go) __________ home late because they have to join some extra courses.
  9. Water (consist) __________ of hydrogen and oxygen.
  10. My friends and I often (have) __________ lunch in the canteen.
  11. Our class (start) __________ at 6.30 and it (finish) __________ at 1.30 in the afternoon.
  12. We always (speak) __________ English in the classroom.


Use one of the following verbs to complete these sentence. Sometimes you need the negative forms!

  1. The earth __________ round the sun. flow
  2. Most rivers __________ into the sea. produce
  3. The sun __________ in the east. believe
  4. Bees __________ honey. cause
  5. An atheist __________ in God. grow
  6. Bad driving __________ many accidents. eat
  7. A liar is someone who __________ the truth. live
  8. Rice __________ in Britain. go
  9. Vegetarians __________ meat. rise
  10. James __________ in Zurich. tell


Complete these sentences using the verbs in the brackets. Use the present simple or present continuous tense.

  1. My father (read) __________ the newspaper everyday, but he (not, read) __________ the newspaper now.
  2. Mary (cook) __________ her own dinner now.
  3. Ann (have) __________ brown eyes and she (wear) __________ glasses.
  4. Robert is a teacher. He (teach) __________ English and now he (teach) __________ in my class.
  5. John’s family (eat) __________ dinner at the same time everyday. During dinner, her mother (not, let) __________ anyone talk on the phone.
  6. Roy is in his bedroom now. He (read) __________a novel. He (like) __________ reading.
  7. We are at a restaurant now. We (have) __________ dinner. We (like) __________ the food because it (taste) __________ good.
  8. He (study) __________ in a mechanical school now.




Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct the verbs that are wrong.

  1. The moon goes round the earth.
  2. I usually go to school on foot.
  3. Water boils at 100 degree celcius.
  4. The water boils. Can you turn the stove off?
  5. I go to bed now. Goodnight!
  6. Look! The fire burns your house.
  7. “Hurry up! It’s time to leave.” ”OK, I come.”
  8. Can you hear those girls? What do they talk about?
  9. Let’s go out. It isn’t raining
  10. You always work
  11. Where is the tool box? I am needing the hammer.
  12. I am very thirsty. I am waiting a glass of water.
  13. I catch what you mean. “Now, I am knowing the problem.
  14. The meal is tasting
  15. He looks very confused. He isn’t remembering his telephone number.
  16. She is very annoying. I am hating
  17. I am feeling you are sick.
  18. They are playing so well. I like them.
  19. I am thinking about you
  20. I am thinking you can finish the work successfully.


Complete these sentences using the verbs in the brackets. Use the present past tense!

For Example :

When he was a child Tom (not like) did not like football.

Jim (drink) drank a cup of tea before class this morning.


  1. They (have) __________ lunch at a Mexican restaurant yesterday.
  2. I (read) __________ an interesting article in the magazine two days ago.
  3. Shakespeare (write) __________ Romeo and Juliet.
  4. Last week the ambassador (not give) ___________ speech in front of the president.
  5. Sue (study) __________ English in her best friend’s house last night.
  6. Yusuf and I (try) __________ to discuss the problems this morning.
  7. They (lie) __________ about the murder last week.
  8. The witness (not, want) __________ to tell the truth yesterday.
  9. The Police (not, catch) __________ the murderer.
  10. Last night I (call) __________ my grandfather on the phone, but my grand father (say) __________ that he was sleeping.


Change the word in the brackets to the appropriate form.

Anton __________ (be) born in Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi. When he __________ (be) a child, he __________ (move) to Surabaya with his parents. One day, Anton __________ (meet) his future wife at the office. He __________ (get) married. Then, he and his wife __________ (move) to Jakarta. Next, he ___________ (go) back to Surabaya. He __________ (have) two children without any job. He  __________ (leave) Surabaya and __________ (go) to Malaysia. Last year, he and his family _________ (move) to Kuala Lumpur.

download soal bahasa inggris Present Simple Tense doc word

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