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Paris is the center of government, art, and fashion. It is French’s biggest city home to about sixth of the nation’s population. Its 2000 years long history means the buildings are mixture of old and new. Visitors come to see the Louvre Museum, the tomb of Napoleon, Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel tower and other famous sights.

A spectacular glass pyramid finished in 1989 in the entrance to the Louvre Museum. The Louvre, originally built as a fortress in about 1200 was expanded during the mid 1500s by King Francis I who wanted transform it into a palace. It is now full of houses besides it is as one of the world’s largest art collection.


  1. The purpose of the text is _____
  1. to describe how Paris is
  2. to inform some famous art
  3. to give opinion of the art collection
  1. to amuse readers with a beautiful object
  2. When was the Louvre Museum renovated?
  1. In 1850s
  2. In the mid 1500s
  3. During the mid 1299s
  1. During Napoleon’ rule
  2. What did King Francis I plan to do with the Louvre Museum?
  1. He planned to transform it at all
  2. He planned to change it into a palace
  3. He wanted to build a new glass pyramid
  1. He wanted to renovate it to be a museum
  2. A place for a dead body, dug in the ground especially used for a monument is a _____
  1. tomb
  2. tower
  3. museum
  1. cathedral
  2. You can find a lot of _____ things in the museum.
  1. history
  2. historical
  3. historian
  1. historic


Most of us are lucky to be born with the ability to produce antibiotics against germs. Antibiotics are substance produced by the white cells in our blood. They kill harmful germs and so protect us against sickness.

However, some unfortunate people are born without the ability to produce antibiotics. They thus fall sick very easily and often die young.

Little Maurice Elias suffered from this condition. Some of his white blood cells did not work properly. He was almost a year old when doctor found this out. The sickly boy had by then spent more than half his life in the hospital.

Until recently, children with the same disease as Maurice’s would die within a year or so. Then, an American doctor name Professor Robert A Good discovered a new way of fighting the desease by transplanting bone marrow into the patient’s body. It contains special cells which mature into normal white blood cells. The antibiotics produced by these would fight off the harmful germ.

Maurice’s doctors decided to try this method. Maurice had three sisters and a brother, all of whom offered to donate some of their marrow to save him. The doctors finally chose thirteen-year-old Tami’s marrow because her body issues were the most like those of her brother. They first extracted about half a cupful of bone marrow from Tami’s hip and breast-bones with the help of a large, hollow needle. Them, they injected the healthy marrow into Maurice’s stomach.

The transplant saved Maurice, who was able to go home to his family two month later. Now, he can look forward to growing up big and strong, thanks to his sister’s loving gift.


  1. What is the purpose of the text?
  2. To give readers amusement
  3. To describe white blood cells
  4. To explain why something had occurred
  5. To give information about the factual event
  6. “Most of us are lucky to be born with the ability to produce antibiotics against germs. Antibiotics are substance produced by the white cells in our blood. They kill harmful germs and so protect us against sickness.” (paragraph 1)

This part of the text is called _____

  1. an event
  2. an argument
  3. an orientation
  4. a re-orientation
  5. How many children do Little Maurice Elias’ parents have?
  6. three
  7. four
  8. five
  9. six
  10. “_____ because her body issues were the most like those of her brother.” (paragraph 5)

“those“ in the sentence above refer to _____

  1. body issues
  2. their sisters
  3. doctors
  4. marrow
  5. The _____ of antibiotics done by the white blood would fight off the harmful germ.
  6. produce
  7. product
  8. production
  9. productive


In many large cities throughout the world, tall apartment building have replaced one or two storey family house. Big cities in Indonesia are following this trend. Apartment come in various shapes and sizes. There are small one-room apartments with kitchen no bigger than tiny closet, called studios. There are average-size apartment with two or three bedrooms. And there are also apartment consisting of many rooms, sometimes, occupying more than one floor. A type of luxury apartment, also called penthouse, is on the top floor of a high rise apartment building. Such an apartment sometimes come complete with a swimming pool and a garden flowers, scrubs, and even trees.

Away from the heart of cities, rows of one and two storey houses are springing up like mushroom everywhere, creating new suburbs. Split-level house are becoming increasingly popular in some places. This type of dwelling has floors built at two more different levels, connected by a short flight of stairs.

In American cities, one’s residence can be a simple wooden bungalow, a large steel-framed two-storey house, or even a sprawling brick ranch-style home, with all the rooms on one floor. In Indonesia, most houses in and around the cities are made of brick.

Many developers today use the cluster plan in building a new housing complex. In cluster planning houses are built close together in order to save place. These houses look alike. The design can simple plain, but also elaborate and stylish. To sell these houses, most real estate developers promote installment plants.


  1. What is the suitable title of the text?
  2. Penthouse
  3. Homes for today
  4. Suitable dwelling
  5. Comfortable houses
  6. Two-storey building
  7. In which paragraph do you find the different kind of Indonesian and American houses?
  8. 1
  9. 2
  10. 3
  11. 4
  12. 3 and 4
  13. The purpose of the text is _____
  14. To describe the type of two storey building
  15. To give information about the past event
  16. To explain the different type of home
  17. To give readers amusement
  18. To convince the readers
  19. Where do many people stay in the past?
  20. shelter
  21. penthouse
  22. apartment
  23. split-level house
  24. one or two storey house
  25. One or two storey family houses _____ by tall apartment buildings.
  26. replace
  27. replaced
  28. are replacing
  29. have replaced
  30. have been replaced


OST (Original Sound Track) of Brownies

“Bisa saja” is chosen as the first single of the album and theme song of Brownies, since the lyric reflects the story in the movie.

Budjana of GIGI demonstrates his skills in playing acoustic guitar in “cinta terakhir”. There other new band songs, “Dilema”, “jangan bilang pacarku”, and “semua orang berhak mendapat rasa bahagia”, give supporting nuances to the movie flows as GIGI composed them by imagining how the scenes look like based on the screen play.

When Hanung Bramantyo, the director, and Dewa Budjana of GIGI chatted, Budjana expressed his interest in making a soundtrack album. Then, he recommended a few of GIGI songs, which the producer accepted because of the chemistry they created with the movie.

Since GIGI can provide a variety of colors to add all kinds of musical nuances to enrich the movie, the producer seemed it unnecessary to find other musicians to compose OST of Brownies.

Armand Maulana (vocalist), I Gede Dewa Budjana (guitarist) Thomas Ramdhan (bass player), and Gusti Erhandy (drum-stand- in player for Budi Haryono) put a lot of effort into this album. As a result, they have created perfect blend of movie and song that makes Brownies tastier.

It’s always fun to have piece of Brownies in your mouth. But having it in our stereo set is more entertaining. No movie is perfect without musical score and OST of Brownies has proved it excellent.


  1. The type of the text is _____
  2. review
  3. recount
  4. narrative
  5. anecdote
  6. description


  1. The purpose of the text is to _____
  2. amuse the readers
  3. describe musical instrument
  4. give information what the music means
  5. convince the readers how music is made
  6. critique an art of work or event for a public audience


  1. Which one of the word below does not belong to string musical instrument?
  2. guitar
  3. violin
  4. harp
  5. cello
  6. flute


  1. As a result, they have created perfect blend of movie and song that makes Brownies tastier.

The underlined word “blend” has the same meaning as _____

  1. Mixture
  2. Origin
  3. Music
  4. Theatre
  5. Idea


  1. Some young boys are interested in _____ musical instruments as their hobies.
  2. play
  3. plays
  4. played
  5. playing
  6. have played


The Red and White Onion

The story of The Red and White Onion happened in Central Java. It took place in Dadapan village. There were three people in Dadapan village. Their names were Red Onion, White Onion and the mother Dadapan. Their mother was a widow. The White Onion was the widow’s step daughter. The Red Onion was her real daughter.

The old widow treated The Red Onion well, but she treated The White Onion badly. The White Onion usually washed her step mother and step sister’s clothes on the river. Her step mother’s kebaya flew away through the river when she was washing. The color of the lost kebaya is red. The White Onion asked about the lost kebaya to the people around the river for three times. She asked about the lost kebaya to the fisherman for the first time, to the horseman for the second time, to the very old woman for the third time.

The old woman could find the lost kebaya. The husband of the old woman was a giant. The White Onion did many house works for the old woman. She carried the uncooked rice, cook the rice, washed the dishes and swept the yard for her. She gave a yellow squash to The White Onion. There were many things inside it such as gold, diamond, golden coins, and pearl necklaces.

The Red Onion also wanted the yellow squash from the old woman besides The White Onion. She did not help her before she was given a yellow squash. There were thousand of poisonous snakes inside the Red Onion’s squash. The Red Onion’s step mother and step sister were very good to her at the end of story. They were rich and happy at last.


  1. The purpose of the text is _____
  2. To amuse the readers
  3. To describe the yellow squash
  4. To critique the person’s behavior
  5. To convince why the story happened
  6. To give information where it is happened


  1. “It took place in Dadapan Village”

The underlined word has the same meaning as _____

  1. happened
  2. remained
  3. dwelled
  4. stayed
  5. lived


  1. What kind of good lesson do you have after reading the text?
  2. Patience makes The White Onion get something precious
  3. The old woman gave mercy to The Red Onion
  4. The White Onion’s step mother is a widow
  5. The red and White Onion
  6. The step children are cruel


  1. The type of the text is a _____
  2. descriptive
  3. exposition
  4. narrative
  5. review
  6. spoof


  1. _____ her patience, The White Onion got the precious things from the old woman.
  2. Because
  3. Although
  4. However
  5. In spite of
  6. Because of


Floods occur when the water of the rivers, lakes, or streams overflow their banks and pour out onto the surrounding land. Floods are caused by many different things. Often heavy rainstorm that last for flat and can absorb the water, no flood will occur. If however, the land is hard and rocky, heavy rains cannot be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may overflow and there will be a flood.

In many part of the world, flood are caused by tropical storms called hurricanes or typhoons. They bring destructive wind of high speed, torrent of rain and floods. When the flood occurs, the destruction to the surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and towns are sometimes swept away by water pouring swiftly over land. Railroad tracks and buckles are sprouted from their beds. Highways are wasted away.



  1. According to the text, what are floods usually caused?
  2. Water of lakes
  3. Water of river
  4. Water of stream
  5. Different things
  6. Heavy rainstorm that last for a brief time


  1. In which area do floods not occur?
  2. If the surrounding land is flat and can absorb the water
  3. Heavy rains can’s be absorb
  4. Where a river may overflow
  5. The land is hard and rocky
  6. Where the banks are low


  1. They bring destructive wind of high speed … (paragraph 2)

The word they refer to _____

  1. many parts of the world
  2. hurricanes or typhoons
  3. many parts
  4. floods
  5. storm


  1. What do hurricanes bring?
  2. Destructive wind of high speed
  3. Torrent of rain
  4. Floods
  5. a, b, c are true
  6. tropical storms


  1. Which one is not the true according to the text?
  2. Floods occur when water of rivers pour out on to the surrounding
  3. The land is hard and rocky, heavy rains can’t be absorb
  4. Floods are caused by many different things
  5. Hurricanes are the floods that caused by tropical storms
  6. If the surrounding land is flat and can absorb the water, floods will occur


Download soal bahasa inggris Reading doc word

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