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The world wide web (also called WWW or the web) is becoming the most popular area of the Internet. With its mix of text and multimedia and user friendliness thrown in the web is magnificent collection of interconnected documents (called web page) from around the globe.


  1. The synonym of multimedia is …..
    1. certain media
    2. kinds of media
    3. various media
    4. electronic media
    5. most popular media


  1. The word “magnificent” has almost the same meaning as …..
    1. ordinary
    2. extreme
    3. remarkable
    4. normal
    5. weird


  1. Web become more popular because of its …..
    1. name
    2. network
    3. drawback
    4. applicable
    5. connection


Sport is good for our health. It can make us healthy and physically strong. People like playing sport to keep fit. They also play it for pleasure. Thus everyone should play sport to make their life healthy and happy.

Nowadays many people like sports. They like not only doing it but also watching it when it is broadcasted live on television. They are even willing to spend their money to see a football match, boxing or tennis.

There are different kinds of sports. They are football, volleyball, badminton, swimming, boxing, running, etc. We are free to decide what sports we would like to play. Most people like running because it is cheap, and easy to do and we can do it anywhere.

Football and badminton are the most popular sports in our country. Most people like playing football or watching football matches. They also playing badminton or watching the matches. We have many potential players in this game. They often win International championship, which makes Indonesia known to the world.


  1. Why do most people like running? Because …..
    1. it needs money
    2. it is simple
    3. it shows on TV
    4. it can make them tired
    5. it is disgusting


  1. Which statement is not correct?
    1. There are two famous sports in Indonesia
    2. Healthy people usually live happily
    3. Many people like to be spectators
    4. Sports can make our country famous
    5. No one play sport for pleasure


  1. Sport is important in our lives.

It is the main idea of paragraph …..

    1. I
    2. II
    3. III
    4. IV
    5. III and IV


  1. They are even willing to spend their money to see a football match …..

The antonym of underlined word is …..

    1. easy
    2. effort
    3. allow
    4. allocated
    5. reluctant

The plant is often associated with a green living thing. It cannot move. Most plants are green and have leaves or leaf-like structure. However, not all plants are green and have leaves. There are some plants whose color is not green, they do not have stems and leaves.

In general we all know that the root grows underground. It has two functions. The first is to absorb water and in organic substances from the soil. The second is to support other part of the plant body.

The stem is the main axis of the plant. It develops buds and shoots. It function in transportation through vascular tissues-xylem and phloem. Xylem transports water and dissolved material from the root upward to the leaf. Phloem transports food material downward from the leaf. It also transports food material downward to the body cells. It also functions into food storage.

The leaf is usually a flat lateral outgrowth from stem, or branch. The primary function of leaf is to produce food by photosynthesis. A leaf is generally green because of the leaf green matter, the chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an important material in photosynthesis, a process of carbohydrate formation from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).


  1. Which of the following is a function of the root?
    1. to produce food
    2. to produce water
    3. to strengthen the plant
    4. to fertilized
    5. to distribute water


  1. The important functions of leaf are describe in …..
    1. paragraph 1
    2. paragraph 2
    3. paragraph 3
    4. paragraph 4
    5. paragraph 5


  1. “In general we know that … “ (Par 2)

The word “we” refers to …..

    1. the writer
    2. the reader
    3. the publisher
    4. the reader and writer
    5. the publisher and the reader


  1. From the text we know that …..
    1. The plants is always green
    2. The roots is only for get water
    3. Phloem transports food in the plant
    4. Xylem only transport food
    5. Leaf produces chlorophyll


  1. Xylem transports water and dissolved material from the root upward to the leaf.

The underlined word means …..

    1. absorbed
    2. taken
    3. wasted
    4. solidified
    5. melted


A bank is an institution with two folds function. First, it keeps people’s money safe and readily available.  In this way it functions as a saving bank. Secondly, it lends money to people who need it. It is also, therefore a moneylender.

Anyone can go to any bank and deposit money; that is asking the bank to look after it. He becomes a customer of the bank. When he deposits money, we say he opens a bank account. There are two types of a bank account. The first is a current. When customer deposit money in the safe keeping of a written order to the bank signed by him. Such an order is called a cheque.

The second kind of account is the deposit account. When the bank receives money on deposit, the customers can demand its return at the end of an agreed term of notice of withdrawal a month, three month, six month or a year. The bank pays interest on money in deposit accounts.


  1. How do we open the bank account? By …..
    1. lending money
    2. claiming a cheque
    3. drawing the money
    4. depositing our  money
    5. becoming a bank customer


  1. What is a cheque?
    1. a payment of the money which is done by bank
    2. a current account which customer keeps in the bank
    3. a notice of withdrawal which customer does to the bank
    4. a written order to the bank signed by a person who claims the money
    5. a certificate of ownership of property which turned over the bank


  1. When the bank receives money on deposit, the customers can demand its return … (Par 3)

What does the underlined word refer to?

    1. bank
    2. customer
    3. deposit account
    4. money on deposit
    5. notice or withdrawal


  1. The customer can demand its return at the end of an agreed term of noticed of withdrawal a month.

The italicized word means …..

    1. moving away
    2. saving money
    3. giving the repayment
    4. retiring of unsociable
    5. pulling back or taking out



Hotels are changing their wasteful habits and getting involved in the move to save the environment. At the major hotels throughout the world, guests are being greeted by shampoo and mouthwash in glass dispensers instead of elaborate plastics bottles. They are discovering recycling bins in their rooms, and are encourage using towels more than once before they are washed.

This green movement is becoming increasingly popular among tourist who looks for service providers with an environmental conscience. The business of eco-tours is increasing rapidly. Travel agents are booking clients on “Save the rain forest” expeditions and similar trips when the emphasis is on protecting the world.

The tourists on these trips are given lectures on the effects of loss of our planet’s natural wonders and what they can do to reverse the trend. They do not need much convincing. The travelers on these excursions are already committed to environmental protection. In fact, a two-year study of litter in Antarctica found that the entire collection of litter left by visitors to the continent could be put in one small sandwich bag. Compare that amount of litter with what the average traveler finds strewn around a hotel, even an environmentally sensitive hotel.


  1. What trend is currently affecting hotels and their guest?
    1. Larger room
    2. Better amenities
    3. Lighter foods
    4. Protecting the earth
    5. Elaborate the plastic bottles


  1. What does the article imply about glass dispensers and re-using towel?
    1. It’s a marketing gimmick
    2. It’s only effective on eco-tour
    3. It’s the green movement
    4. It’s wise choice environmentally
    5. Hotels can set consumers trends


  1. According to the article, eco-travelers should expect …
    1. to find litter in their surrounding
    2. to hear lecturers on the environment
    3. to pay more than other travelers
    4. to involve in much convincing
    5. to carry their own food


  1. “eco” in this sense most likely means …
    1. economy
    2. ecology
    3. Ecuador
    4. echo
    5. ecologis

Lizards are reptiles. Snakes, alligators and crocodiles are also reptiles. There are more species of lizard than of any other reptile. Like snakes, lizards have dry, scaly skin. Most lizards are only a few centimeters long. The biggest lizard is the Komodo dragon. It can be up to 10 feet (3 meters) long.

Lizards have four legs and a long tail. Some lizards can run fast on their hind legs. Some lizards use their legs for swimming. Some lizards have claws on their toes for climbing trees. The gecko has toes that grab like suction cups. Gecko can climb up wall and walk across ceiling. The glass lizard and the slowworm have very short legs. These lizards look more like snakes that crawl on their bellies.

Most lizards live in warm places such as deserts and the tropics. The tropics are areas near the equator, the imaginary circle that runs Earth’s middle. Most lizards cannot live in cold places. Lizards are cold-blooded. They cannot make their own body heat. They must lie in the sun to warm up. The common lizard lives the farthest north of any lizard. It can live near the North Pole. Some lizards burrow into the ground. Some lizards live in trees. Other lizards live on or near water.


  1. These animals belong to lizards, except …
    1. Crocodiles
    2. Komodo
    3. Gecko
    4. Slowworm
    5. Glass lizard


  1. The specification of lizard is …
    1. the wet skin
    2. no legs
    3. living in polar area
    4. cold blooded
    5. small in size


  1. It can be up to 10 feet (par.1)

The underlined word refer to …

    1. snake
    2. lizard
    3. komodo
    4. reptile
    5. alligator


  1. From the text we can conclude that …
    1. Lizards are different with reptiles
    2. Komodo is the bigger animals
    3. Lizards will be better in warm places
    4. Lizards cannot live in trees
    5. Sun has bad effect to lizards


  1. Some lizards can run fast on their hind legs.

The bold word means …

    1. bold
    2. high
    3. bow
    4. back
    5. long


Hurricanes generally occur in the North Atlantic from May through November, with the peak of hurricane season in September, only rarely will they occur from December through April in that part of the ocean. The main reason for the occurrence of hurricanes on the water surface is at its warmest and the humidity of the air is at its highest.

Of the tropical storms that occur each year in the North Atlantic, only about five on the average, are powerful enough to be called hurricanes. To be classified as hurricane, a tropical storms must have wind reaching speeds of at least 117 kilometers per hour, but the winds are often more stronger than that; the winds of intense hurricanes can easily surpass 200 kilometers per hour.


  1. The passage mainly discusses …
    1. the number of hurricanes in a year
    2. the strength of hurricanes
    3. the weather in the North Atlantic
    4. hurricanes in a certain part of the world
    5. hurricanes and disasters of the world




  1. Which of the following TRUE according to the text?
    1. There are always hurricanes in the North Atlantic all years round
    2. Extremely warm weather and high humidity can cause hurricanes
    3. Very strong winds are the result of hurricanes
    4. Hurricanes occurs every month from may to November
    5. Tropical countries have a lot of intense hurricanes


In total, the plant has need of at least 16 elements, of which the most important are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The plant obtain carbon and hydrogen dioxide from the atmosphere; other nutrients are taken up from the soil. Although the plant contains sodium, -iodine, and cobalt, these are apparently not essential. This also contain true of silicon and aluminum.

Overall chemical analyses indicate that the total supply of nutrients in soils is usually high in comparison with the requirements of crop plants. Much of this potential supply, however, is bound tightly in forms that are not released to crops fast enough to give satisfactory growth. Because of this, the farmer is interested in measuring the available nutrient supply as contrasted to the total quantities.


  1. Which of the following elements is not taken up from the soil?
    1. Potassium
    2. Magnesium
    3. Carbon
    4. Calcium
    5. Sulfur


  1. Why do farmers prefer considering the only available nutrients to the total quantities of nutrient found in the soil? Because …
    1. they do not know how to obtain all the nutrients
    2. chemical analyses indicate that the soil contains all the nutrients needed
    3. the nutrients are in the soil
    4. most of the nutrients are bound in compounds
    5. some of the nutrients are found in the atmosphere


  1. The topic of paragraph three is about …
    1. the result of chemical analyses
    2. the requirements of crop plants
    3. giving satisfactory growth to the plants
    4. measuring the available nutrients supply
    5. the abundant of nutrients in the soil


  1. The word satisfactory has the same meaning with?
    1. Three
    2. Five
    3. Seven
    4. Nine
    5. Sixteen


  1. “The plant obtain carbon and hydrogen dioxide … “ (par 2)

Obtains means …

    1. gets
    2. takes
    3. puts
    4. gives
    5. has


Polar bear are adapted to life in the polar region, around the North Pole. Their bodies have special features that work particularly well in the polar seas. For instance, they have sharp and powerful claws for catching their food, which are mainly seals. In their own environment, they are excellent hunters; but if they had to live on the birds and squirrels in other places, they would die.

The science that studies the way that different forms of life are adapted to their particular environment is called ecology.

The first lesson of ecology is that all life in an environment depends on their forms life. Polar bears depend on seal, which can live only where they do because they depend on particular kinds of fish, which are found in the Artic seas.

There are certain important cycles in nature that show plants and animals depend on each other: for example, the nitrogen cycles. Plants take nitrogen compounds from the soil turn them into protein. Animals eat these proteins and return some of them to the soil as waste products and the rest when they die. Another cycle is the oxygen cycle. When we breathe, take in oxygen, and give out carbon dioxide. Plants absorb it to make sugar compounds and the process oxygen is produced and released to the atmosphere.

An ideal ecological system, living thing exist in balance. However, particularly when man interferes, a species may become too successful and abundant and the balances destroyed. For instance, the use of pesticides to kill a particular plant pest may also kill predator insects and even birds, and thus other pests are allowed to increase. Therefore, great care is needed in the use of pesticides.

Through ecology we try to restore the balance in the ecological system, and thus save the world from devastation.


  1. The habit of polar bear is in …
    1. the tropical countries
    2. the North Pole
    3. the South Pole
    4. the Arctic seas
    5. Europe


  1. What does the text mainly discuss?
    1. ecology
    2. polar bears
    3. cycle in nature
    4. the misuse of pesticide
    5. an ideal ecology system


  1. The ecology in certain area will be in danger if …
    1. seals eat a lot of fish
    2. the farmers use pesticides
    3. polar bears don’t eat seals anymore
    4. man interferes his environments too much
    5. plants take nitrogen compound from the soil


  1. The main idea of paragraph 3 is that …
    1. Polar bears depend on seals
    2. Ecological system needs well treatment
    3. Plants and animals depend on each other
    4. Plants produce and release oxygen to the atmosphere
    5. There’s an interdependence of living thing in a particular area
  2. “ … the world from devastation.” (par 6)
    1. rehabilitation
    2. extinction
    3. destruction
    4. preservation
    5. starvation

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