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Underline the right verb then identify the tense!

  1. The Simpson family (has lived) (live) in Bandung for eleven years. ____________________
  2. I’m sorry, I (didn’t finished) (haven’t finished) my homework. ____________________
  3. The town (has had) (had had) two big snowstorms before Christmas last year. ____________________
  4. My father (is smoking) (has smoked) for a long time. ____________________
  5. Oh, no! it (is starting) (starts) to rain and my clothes are on the line. ____________________
  6. Ratu and her boyfriend have been dating (since) (for) four years. ____________________
  7. I thought I would got to the restaurant first, but Jim (had arrived) (has arrived) before me. ____________________
  8. We (will sold) (will have sold) the rest of the souvenirs by tomorrow. ____________________
  9. I (had finally finished) (have finally finished) reading the book. ____________________
  10. The swimmers haven’t completed the race (already) (yet). ____________________
  11. We haven’t seen each other (since) (for) a long time. ____________________
  12. You look confused. (Are you understand) (Do you understand) what I said? ____________________
  13. Last night I came home, cooked dinner, and (watched) (was watching) TV. ____________________
  14. (Have you) (Had you) looked a long time before you got a job? ____________________
  15. That man (has giving) (has been giving) money to the hospital for years. ____________________
  16. Does Nadya (has) (have) eight brothers and sisters? ____________________
  17. We (are knowing) (know) Andy better now that we have class with him. ____________________
  18. Deer (liked) (like) salt and attracted to blocks of salt people leave in their yards. ____________________
  19. I (beginned) (began) the day with a jog around the block. ____________________
  20. (I seen) (I’d seen) the movie before, but I decided to see it again. ____________________


  1. You look so unhappy, Anton. What’s the matter?”

“My father __________ his job”

    1. has just lost
    2. has been losing
    3. losing
    4. is losing
    5. loses
  1. “I didn’t meet Seanu when I visited him yesterday”

“Oh, he __________ for Singapore to see his parents.”

    1. will leave
    2. had left
    3. is leaving
    4. has left
    5. would leave
  1. “When did you take the academic writing course?”

“Last year, after __________ composition II.”

    1. complete
    2. was completing
    3. to complete
    4. have completed
    5. had completed
  1. “As a student, I always had instant noodles for breakfast.”

This means that I __________ for breakfast.

    1. am having instant noodles
    2. like to have instant noodles
    3. am used to having instant noodles
    4. have instant noodles
    5. used to have instant noodles
  1. “Several hotels in this region are closing down.”

“That’s because tourism itself __________ since last year.”

    1. is declining
    2. had declining
    3. declined
    4. was declining
    5. has been declining
  1. The book that I __________ in the class room was found by Ali.
    1. had left
    2. was leaving
    3. had been leaving
    4. have left
    5. would have left
  2. “Where is Mozza?”

“I don’t know. In fact I __________ any of our friends since I arrived.”

    1. did not see
    2. was not seeing
    3. have not seen
    4. do not see
    5. had not seen
  1. “What are you looking for?”

“My wallet, I don’t know where I __________ it”

    1. have been putting
    2. am putting
    3. had put
    4. was putting
    5. have put



  1. “Mr. Bintang was promoted president of our company last wee, wasn’t he?

“I’m glad he was; he __________ in this company for years.”

    1. had worked
    2. has been working
    3. was working
    4. would work
    5. worked
  1. “Could you please book me on the next flight to Mexico City?”

“I’m sorry, sir. Our airline __________ to Mexico City.”

    1. will not fly
    2. has not been flying
    3. did not fly
    4. was not able to fly
    5. doesn’t fly
  1. “Why didn’t Didi want to go home?”

“His mother __________ him for causing the car accident”

    1. would blame
    2. has blamed
    3. is blaming
    4. had blamed
    5. blames
  1. “Did you see the children when you came home this afternoon?”

“No, they __________ their teacher in Priok.”

    1. visited
    2. had visited
    3. to visit
    4. were visiting
    5. would have visited
  1. “Could you tell your brother to meet me at the library tomorrow?”

“Sure, I __________ him.”

    1. am telling
    2. will tell
    3. be telling him
    4. will be telling
    5. would have told
  1. “Where is my dictionary? It was on my desk.”

“Perhaps somebody __________ it.”

    1. takes
    2. has taken
    3. is taking
    4. had taken
    5. would take
  1. “Since when hasn’t she been feeling well?”

“Since she __________ from Singapore.”

    1. returned
    2. has returned
    3. was returning
    4. had returned
    5. has been returning
  1. Mr. Brian leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at 9 a.m.

By 11 a.m. he __________ there

    1. arrive
    2. arrived
    3. was arriving
    4. will arrive
    5. will have arrived
  1. X : Was there any trouble at the demonstration?

Y : Yes, about 20 people __________ arrested

    1. are being
    2. have been
    3. will be
    4. were
    5. are
  1. The team __________ along the river when they accidentally found a big cave
    1. were walking
    2. are walking
    3. will walk
    4. walked
    5. walk
  2.   “When do you plan to get married?”

“After __________ school.”

    1. I finish
    2. I finished
    3. I am finishing
    4. I had finished
    5. I have finished
  1. We allowed the children to watch their favorite TV program yesterday, only after they __________ doing their school assignment.
    1. were finishing
    2. have finished
    3. finish
    4. would finish
    5. had finished
  2.  Every night the watchman turns on the light and __________ around the building every half an hour.
    1. walks
    2. is walking
    3. to be walking
    4. walking
    5. to walk
  3. “Do you hear something?”

“Yes, somebody __________ at the door,”

    1. knocks
    2. knocked
    3. is knocking
    4. has knocked
    5. was knocking
  1. “The anthropologist has been studying that tribe for the last five years”

Means “he __________ that tribe.”

    1. has finished studying
    2. studied
    3. was studying
    4. had studied
    5. is still studying
  1.  Rafael Nadal, the international tennis champion, __________ tennis since he was nine.
    1. played
    2. has been playing
    3. plays
    4. is playing
    5. has played
  2. All these years, Ira’s family __________ in poverty
    1. lived
    2. has been living
    3. had lived
    4. was living
    5. lives
  3. Hadi looks very tired; he __________ for hours now.
    1. drove
    2. had driven
    3. was driving
    4. had been driving
    5. has been driving
  4. “I don’t have my umbrella with me.”

“Don’t worry. By the time class is over, the rain __________

    1. had stopped
    2. stopped
    3. stops
    4. has stopped
    5. will have stopped
  1. The engine __________ smoothly when it suddenly stopped
    1. runs
    2. running
    3. has run
    4. is running
    5. was running
  2. “Tina had just watered the flowers when Ali came”

From this sentence we may conclude that ___________

    1. Ali didn’t see Tine watering the flowers
    2. Ali came at the time Tina was watering the flowers
    3. Ali was watching Tina watering the flowers
    4. Ali would come when Tina finished watering the flowers
    5. Ali had come before Tina watered the flowers
  1. He put out the light. Then he locked the door.

The above sentences can be joined as follows:

    1. When he lock the door, he put out the light
    2. He would put out the light if he locked the door
    3. He had put out the light before he locked the door
    4. He put out the light after he locked the door
    5. While he was locking the door, he put out the light

Download soal bahasa inggris tense lagi doc word

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