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Soal Bahasa Inggris Tenses

  1. I hope that by the time my father retires I _____ a job.
  1. get
  2. am getting
  3. have not
  4. got
  5. will have got


  1. Tanti _____ English for years before she could speak it fluently.
  1. learns
  2. has learned
  3. was learning
  4. would be learning
  5. had been learning


  1. Over the past few years medical doctors _____ for a drug to control the AIDS virus.
  1. have been searching
  2. searched
  3. had searched
  4. were searching
  5. will search


  1. Next month, he _____ as a teacher for 20 years.
  1. has worked
  2. has been working
  3. will have been working
  4. will be working
  5. will work


  1. The man _____ building the factory by next year.
  1. are going to finish
  2. will have finished
  3. have finished
  4. have been finishing
  5. are finished


  1. We _____ TV when the light went out.
  1. watched
  2. were watched
  3. have watched
  4. were watching
  5. have been watching


  1. The telephone _____ for a long time before it was answered
  2. rang
  3. was ringing
  4. had been ringing
  5. had rung
  6. has rung


  1. She _____ the store when I arrived.
  1. had just gone
  2. is going to go
  3. is going
  4. has just gone
  5. would have gone


  1. I saw Hasan when I _____ for the bus.
  1. wait
  2. am waiting
  3. had waited
  4. was waiting
  5. have been waiting


  1. My uncle _____ in that office for over five years next year.
  1. will have been working
  2. has been working
  3. will be working
  4. will work
  5. would work


  1. “I want to come to your house tomorrow. What _____ at ten tomorrow?”
  1. would you do
  2. have you done
  3. will you be doing
  4. have you been doing
  5. are you going to do


  1. He _____ here for a year by this time next year.
  1. has lived
  2. will live
  3. will be living
  4. has been living
  5. will have been living


  1. He saw a snake when he _____ in the garden.
  1. works
  2. worked
  3. is working
  4. was working
  5. has been working


  1. She _____ since ten o’clock. It is time she wakes up.
  1. slept
  2. has been sleeping
  3. was sleeping
  4. is sleeping
  5. has slept


  1. I _____ the street when it began to rain.
  1. am walking down
  2. was walking down
  3. have walking down
  4. have been walking
  5. had been walking


  1. The police _____ for the robber for two years before they caught him.
  1. had been looking
  2. have looked
  3. were looking
  4. hard to be looked
  5. were looked


  1. I _____ for years before I was able to buy myself a car.
  1. saved
  2. had saved up
  3. have saved up
  4. had been saving up
  5. would have saved up


  1. When he first phoned me I _____ informed by the police.
  1. was already been
  2. will be
  3. would be
  4. have already been
  5. had already been


  1. When I got up yesterday, Ali and Nina _____ their breakfast.
  • already have
  • were having
  • have been having
  • had had


  1. I can’t go out because I _____ my work
  1. didn’t finish
  2. finish
  3. will not finish
  4. am not finishing
  5. haven’t finished
  1. By the end of this week, he will have finished reading the novel. It means _____
  1. He has finished reading the novel
  2. He may have finished reading the novel
  3. He was reading the novel
  4. He will not finished reading the novel
  5. He ha not finishes reading the novel and is going to finish it this week


  1. The victim had been taken to the hospital before the ambulance came. This means _____
  1. The ambulance came, then the victim was taken the hospital
  2. It was not the ambulance that took the victim to the hospital
  3. When the ambulance came, the victim was taken to the hospital
  4. It was after the ambulance came that the victim was taken to the hospital
  5. The ambulance took the victim to the hospital


  1. “I may have to go to Malang next week, means _____
  • perhaps I’ll have to go to Malang next week
  • I’m sure I’ll have to go to Malang next week
  • It’s possible that I’ll have to go to Malang next week
  • I know I’ll be allowed to go to Malang next week


  1. “They have lived in Pamekasan since 1982”. Means _____
  1. They have moved from Pamekasan
  2. They are still living in Pamekasan now
  3. They are living in another town now
  4. They lived in Pamekasan until 1982
  5. They left Pamekasan in 1982


  1. “I used to study until late at night”

It means _____ until late at night

  1. It is my habit to study
  2. I wanted to study
  3. It was not my custom to study
  4. Now, I do not study
  5. I would like to study


  1. Sugeng had been living in Surakarta for years before he moved to Yogyakarta
  1. He will be living in Yogyakarta by next year
  2. He lives in Surakarta now
  3. He lives in Yogyakarta now
  4. He was living in Yogyakarta when I moved there
  5. He will live in Surakarta


  1. Endro came at 8 last night, but Albert had left two hours before.
  1. Endro came at 8, then Albert left
  2. Albert had left after Endro came at 8
  3. Albert left at 6, while Endro came at 8
  4. Endro came at eight, then Albert will be leaving then
  5. Albert will be leaving at 6, Endro came at 8


  1. “Why were her eyes red?”

“Because _____ “

  1. She cries
  2. She is crying
  3. She had cried
  4. She has been crying
  5. She had been crying


  1. Tony began studying about an hour ago. When it rained he was still studying.

He _____ for about an hour when it rained

  1. studied
  2. is studying
  3. was studying
  4. has been studying
  5. had been studying


  1. “Ten years ago there was no statue in front of this building.”

“Well, it _____ there for three years now.”

  1. is
  2. have been
  3. is being
  4. was
  5. has been


Download soal bahasa inggris tenses pilihan ganda doc word

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