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Fish are animal that live in water

Fish have fins that help them to swim. Most fish have slimy skins covered with scales which are very small and can hardly be seen.

Fish breath through gills. These look like a comb and lie on each side of the head. Fish take in water all the time. The water flows in through the mouth, over the gills, and out the sides of the head. When a fish takes in the water, it is not drinking but breathing, and the gills absorb oxygen from water.

The body of a fish is made up of the head, the trunk, and the tail fins.

There are many different kinds of fish which have many different shapes and colors. Some fish are long and thin, while others are flat and rounded. Most fish have bodies which are broad at the trunk region and narrow toward the head and tail.


  1. What is the function of fins?
  1. For breathing
  2. For eating
  3. For drinking
  4. For swimming
  5. For absorbing


  1. These look like a comb and lie on each side of the head. These refers to _____
  1. skins
  2. fish
  3. fins
  4. gills
  5. trunk


  1. The text can be categorize into _____
  1. descriptive
  2. narrative
  3. report
  4. recount
  5. discussion


  1. How is the generic structure of the text above?
  1. general classification – description
  2. newsworthy event – background – source
  3. identification – description
  4. orientation – events – reorientation
  5. aim/goal – material – steps


  1. What is the purpose of the text?
  1. To amuse the readers
  2. To give information to the readers
  3. To retell past event
  4. To describe a particular thing
  5. To describe the things are

download soal report text doc word

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