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Notes: No school by Jeff Lee

# Technology – use computer at home                                       2

# Save government money – spend on other things                    1

# No bullying                                                                             4

# Safety – traffic, strangers                                                        5

# Fewer distraction                                                                    3


In my opinion, children should be educated at home. These are my reason:

  1. The government would save a lot of money. It would not need to build schools and pay teachers. Neither it’s would not need to pay electricity and water bills or pay for books and teaching materials. The money saved could be used for more important things such as medical research, hospital upgrading and food for the homeless.
  2. Technology has improved so much that children can learn just as well at home, using computers. Parents could be trained to show children how to use the Internet for learning.
  3. There would be less distraction at home. When children are placed in noisy classroom, they cannot learn very much. On the other hand, in the peace and quiet of their own home they can learn a lot more.
  4. There would be no bullying. Some children are so upset by bullying in school that they experience learning difficulties. They cannot concentrate, as they are worried about what the bullies will do to them. However, this would not be a problem in the child’s own home.
  5. Children would be safer when they do not have to travel to school. Both parents and children would no longer have fears of traffic accidents on the way to school or on the way home. Parents would not have to worry about their children talking to strangers.

For benefit of all children, I would urge parents and the government to seriously consider allowing children to be educated at home.



  1. What is Jeff’s point of view?
    1. Children should be educated at home
    2. Children can be trained to use technology at schools
    3. The government should build schools and pay teachers
    4. Children can learn in the classrooms peacefully and quietly
    5. There is a little chance of getting traffic accident on the way to school
  2. Before he presented his point of view, he made some notes. Then he wrote a number at the end of each point. Why?
    1. To present his survey
    2. To present his point of view
    3. To count the students involving in his survey
    4. To show the points in their order of importance
    5. To show the number of students who agree with him
  3. Which of the following statements is not the reason that Jeff gave for educating children at home?
    1. There would be no bullying
    2. There would be less distraction
    3. The government would save a lot of money
    4. Parents always worry about their children
    5. Children could learn with computers and from parents
  4. They cannot concentrate, as they are worried about what the bullies will do to them.

What is the meaning of the underlined word?

    1. Persons who break into a house to steal
    2. Persons who help students learn at schools
    3. Persons who always disturb the students at schools
    4. Persons who are habitually not cruel to smaller people
    5. Persons who use their strength to frighten or hurt those who are weaker
  1. What is the purpose of the text?
    1. To explain the education at home
    2. To present two point of view about education
    3. To persuade the parents to send their children to schools
    4. To inform the readers that it is not necessary to build schools
    5. To persuade the readers that children should be educated at home

download soal bahasa inggris exposition doc word

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